Becoming a “Big Cousin”

Our family is still on a serious high after welcoming my nephew to our family a couple of days ago. Our family is so close knit that a new cousin for Baylor might as well be a new sibling. A new baby means that he isn’t the “baby” of the family anymore. I worried he would have a hard time, but he is adjusting to all of this change like such a champ while also loving the new role of “big cousin.”


We have anticipated the birth of this sweet baby for what seems like years! My sister allowed me to be there with her throughout her entire labor and delivery. I was so honored and elated to be able to watch my nephew be born and to be able to witness his first breaths in this great big world. Since I had a C-section and never even had the chance to labor, this was a whole new experience for me. It was so beautiful to watch!

Baylor was so excited to meet his new cousin, to love on him, and hug him. Every time he sees a picture of his new cousin, he smiles and says, “I want baby!” There is nothing sweeter than to see him fit into his new role as a big cousin so easy and willingly. It makes me excited for the possibility of hopefully one day being able to make him a big brother.

Seeing him make this transition so well makes me so proud of him. I am beginning to have a hard time finding reasons not to have another baby. Hopefully, this means we can talk Dad into a family expansion soon! (wink! wink!)

Welcome to the world, Baby Beckham. We are so in love with you!

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