A Nap Time Victory

My oldest daughter, Harlan, dropped her nap when she was three years old. We enrolled her in the afternoon program at her preschool which just happened to be at the exact same time as her nap. By the time I picked her up from school and got home, it was much too late for a nap. 

Although Harlan had dropped her nap, I still made sure to put Avery down everyday as soon as I got home from dropping Harlan off at preschool. Avery slept until I had to wake her up to pick up Harlan from school and continues to do this today.


Now that Macks is here, it has thrown our nap time schedule a little bit off track. Macks is on no schedule what so ever and loves to go on a nap strike throughout the day. It’s been very tough to get him to sleep during the day, but he always makes up for it in the evening by falling asleep peacefully and giving me a few hours of quiet time.

With three kids, I expected to get very little time to myself during the day. I actually enjoy getting to spend one-on-one time with each of them while the other is napping. But I also love when I get the kids surprise me and somehow sync their nap schedules.

Last weekend, the nap fairies came and paid a visit because all three of my children fell asleep at the same time. Harlan, who never takes a nap, even fell asleep! Our apartment was quiet and all I could hear was the sound of the horns honking from the street outside.

Rather than turning on the television and catching up on my shows or listening to music, I sat in silence. Complete and utter silence. It was a sound that I don’t hear very often and I soaked up every minute of it. All three kids slept for at least an hour, which gave me plenty of time to relax and build up some much needed energy.

I know that it will probably not happen again for a long time, but I still have a smile on my face for getting them all down at the same time. It’s the little things in my life as a mom that I am able to call victories. And this was a nap time victory.
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