Creating Special Moments With Baby

Yesterday, we were eating lunch at home and Ainsleigh was on my lap, facing me with her arms tight around my neck. She kept putting her cheek up to my eye, prompting me for butterfly kisses. Each time I would do it, she would break out into the sweetest laughter.

Head back, full smile, precious giggles.

I was thinking in that moment how grateful I was to be sitting down, soaking her in. Not rushing through my day to get to the next thing, not checking off to-dos….just enjoying her sweetness, her smallness.

And then I thought it would be fun to put up a “mother’s challenge.” To take a day, week, or month to do things that are extra sweet or special with your little ones.

Everyone’s list might look different. For example, you might watch the joy on your tiny ones’ faces as you snuggle in to rock them to sleep or stay up past bedtime for an ice cream cone.


Are you in? Here are some ideas…

  • butterfly kisses

    Give Your Baby Butterfly Kisses

    Give your baby butterfly kisses today. Take the time to smell their sweet skin and flutter your eyelashes on their cheeks as they laugh!

  • sing a silly song

    Sing a Silly Song

    Be silly with your little one. Sing a silly song and watch their little eyes light up!

  • stay up past bedtime

    Stay Up Past Bedtime

    Sometimes it’s fun to stay up past bedtime and steal a few extra snuggles with your little one. Bend the rules just this once and have fun!

  • nap time

    Take a Nap Together

    This weekend, take a nap with your little one. These moments are flying by fast. Steal a special moment before it’s gone!

  • hide your phone

    Hide Your Phone

    Hide your phone for the day. It’s so hard sometimes to step away from the phone and computer and be completely present with our little ones. Put the phone away for 24 hours – it feels amazing!

  • jump on the bed

    Jump on the Bed

    Jump on that bed and dance around!! Watch how hard your little one will laugh as you do this!

  • leave the mess

    Leave the Mess

    Leave the mess today. Just have fun and enjoy your baby. There is always tomorrow for the mess.

  • mama date

    Go on a "Mama Date"

    Dress up and take your little one out on a mama date! Some of my favorite memories and moments are on my mama/baby dates!

  • on the floor

    Sit on the Floor and Play

    Today, sit on the floor and play along with them. Enjoy them as they explore and learn! Foster those imaginations.

  • rock them to sleep

    Rock Them to Sleep

    Tonight, rock them to sleep. Cuddle them up in your arms, sing a song and lead them into slumber.

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