A Motherhood Quote for All Parents

Sometimes a quote comes along that punches me right in the gut — and, as a mother, those quotes almost exclusively focus on parenting/motherhood/children.

And this quote from Catherine M. Wallace is the perfect example:


Not only does it logically make sense, but you remember that feeling — don’t you? As a toddler with a broken toy, and then a little kid with school anxiety, and then a teenager with boy problems. You remember when the “little stuff” was “all the stuff,” and you may also remember a rift between you and your parents when they didn’t get it.

(“They just don’t know anything!”)

Yet, looking back, it’s not that our parents didn’t get it — they just saw how trivial and small our problems really were. They weren’t small to us, of course. And that’s something we all have to remember — whether our kids are 2 or 12.

Even toddlers have something to say…

Take the time to listen.

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