A Morning with Multiple

I have a newfound respect for mamas with multiple kids after the morning I spent watching my friend’s little ones: you moms are awesome! While I believe that all moms are awesome, the sheer logistics of balancing tasks when you’re outnumbered is a truly impressive feat that I had never truly appreciated. It only took two hours of hanging out with three littles (ages 3 years, 15 months, and 11 months) for me to realize this. My friend’s boys are so sweet and easy, but just having more than one was a totally new experience for me. See how it went…

  • A Morning With Multiple

    A Morning With Multiple

    Check out the morning of fun (and chaos!) I had with these three supercute littles…

  • Cuteness


    I will admit that the cuteness of seeing three kids interacting with one another was super adorable. I loved watching them play and laugh together. We began our morning with some snuggles and reading books. So far so good.

  • Logistics


    I quickly realized that the logistics of having more than one child at different stages can get a little tricky. I pulled out our sensory bins, because I thought it would be a fun idea, and while it was for the three-year-old who excels at focused play, my 15-month-old was busy throwing things everywhere and the 11-month-old was trying to eat all the beans. Balancing a focused activity for three kids was definitely a challenge!

  • Shenanigans


    After awhile we moved on to Fern’s bedroom where the kids all had fun, but it was really difficult to give each of them the full attention they wanted. Fern was busy trying to climb on her bed, and Bennett (the three-year-old) wanted me to play trains, and Buckley (the 11-month-old) was just trying to be a part of it all. They seemed like they were having fun, but I couldn’t help but concern myself with the fact that I wasn’t able to give any of them undivided attention.

  • Messy Fun

    Messy Fun

    This was the end result of our play time (at least in one room!), but it was worth it. We had a good time and it was fun seeing the kids together. I definitely have a newfound respect for you mamas with multiple littles though – you guys are super heroes who deserve to be celebrated – my hat is off to you!

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