A Month in Instagrams

One of my favorite things to do when I get a quick second in my day is to look back through my old Instagram photos. It’s fun to see all the fun moments from our days and to remember special firsts and even just the beauty in the little every day details of our lives. Here is a little peek into what this past month looked like as seen through the eyes of my Instagram feed.

  • A Month In Instagrams

    A Month In Instagrams

    A peek into our month as seen in Instagram photos…

  • Little kitty

    Little kitty

    Fern had her face painted as a little kitty this month and it was just about the cutest thing ever. She was a little confused about the paint above her lip and kept making this funny face throughout the evening.

  • Hose water

    Hose water

    A quintessential rite of passage for one’s childhood: drinking from the hose.

  • First mommy-daughter date

    First mommy-daughter date

    This month Fern and I had our first official mommy/daughter date. Even though she comes everywhere with me, it’s typically just running errands or if we’re doing something fun, it’s with other people, so we went out for froyo and played at the local toy store. She had a blast and it was a fun tradition to start.

  • Tippy toes

    Tippy toes

    Tiny toddler tip toes are one of the best things in life. Maybe we have a future dancer on our hands?

  • Her namesake

    Her namesake

    Fern loves smelling flowers…and apparently any other green plant too!

  • Silly straw

    Silly straw

    During breakfast recently I couldn’t find Fern’s usual cup for her smoothie, so we improvised with a random straw I had. It was so funny I had to snap a photo!

  • Playing dress-up

    Playing dress-up

    Fern found some of my old necklaces this past weekend and had a great time playing dress-up with Marley. I’m not sure Marley felt quite as enthusiastic about the activity.

  • Playing with friends

    Playing with friends

    It was so fun seeing Fern interact with friends this month. At this age parallel play is happening most often, but she is becoming more and more engaged with others and trying to communicate and it’s so much fun to watch.

  • Ordering with Daddy

    Ordering with Daddy

    A quick snap taken while these two read the menu at a restaurant on a recent family date. Sometimes the quickest shots are truly my favorites.

  • First fountain

    First fountain

    My girl loves water and her first trip to the fountain proved it. People were marveling at her pure excitement over running through the sprays of water.

  • First cross-country plane ride

    First cross-country plane ride

    We flew from Portland to Florida this month and it was Fern’s first experience with such a long plane ride as well as her first experience with a time change, but she handled it like a champ.

  • Sometimes we match

    Sometimes we match

    I swore I would never be “that mom”…you know, the one who matched her outfit/accessories to her child. But, these headbands, I mean…I couldn’t resist!

  • Meeting pirate Minnie and Mickey

    Meeting pirate Minnie and Mickey

    Fern got to meet pirate Minnie and Mickey at a special party we were invited to this month. She is completely head over heels for Minnie Mouse, so needless to say, she was elated over their meet and greet.

  • Snuggles


    Every once in awhile, throughout the day, Fern has taken to walking over to our dog Marley and taking a little rest leaned up against her. It melts my heart every time.

  • Bathing suit bath time

    Bathing suit bath time

    Because baths are way more fun when you’re wearing your bathing suit.

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