A Mind of Her Own: My Budding Fashionista

It’s no secret that I enjoy dressing my daughter up in cute outfits and since I’ve been doing it since she was just a tiny babe, she’s pretty used to it and doesn’t put up a ton of fuss even when I end up changing her shirt three times. Everyone has always told me that I shouldn’t get too used to it since one day, not long from now, she will have a mind of her own and will likely be putting together outfits that make me cringe. I’ve been noticing lately that the “mind of her own” stage is starting to emerge already and I think I’m OK with it. Here’s why…

A Mind of Her Own: My Budding Fashionista

Over the weekend Fern received the sandals in this photo as a gift from my aunt. After getting Fern dressed for the day, I tried them on her to check the size and snap a quick photo for my aunt. After I took the photo, I attempted to take the sandals off since we were heading out to the grocery store and it was raining, but she wasn’t having it – she loved them! She proceeded to run across the wood floors in our house, back and forth, over and over, delighting in the clacking sound of her new shoes on the floor. The look of pure joy on her face made me smile and we headed out to the grocery store with my child wearing sandals. Yep. I’m that mom.

But, I’m OK with it. I’m realizing that as much as I want Fern to wear the things that I love and that I think are cute (or really in this case, just practical and weather-appropriate), I’m going to have to give her room to find her own style. She’s already totally interested in clothes and will sit on my lap and flip through clothing catalogs and will let me try clothes on her in dressing rooms. She also brings me hair clips and taps them against her hair to let me know that she’d like me to put them on for her.

I wore plenty of terrible outfits as a child (culottes anyone?), but through it I found my own style and became a stylist later in life. Even though Fern probably won’t follow the same life path that I did, I still want her to find her own style and what she likes, because it really is sort of a rite of passage.

This is such a fun age for me right now and I love seeing my daughter’s personality and preferences coming out in all of the many things she does. Babies turning into toddlers are so much fun! (I actually did a post where I talked about this over at Babble last week too in case you’re interested: “Thoughts on Beauty For My Daughter”).

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