A Magical Morning with Elvie

Our day-to-day lives can get pretty dull sometimes. The beginning of the year is always busy for us, and some days I feel like I didn’t even really notice what happened; I just made it through. But I know that if I look for magic, I will find some. I just have to take the time; it is always there. Sometimes, though, I feel like magic comes looking for me, creeping up when I least expect it, like… well, like magic.

This past Saturday morning was one of those magical times. My husband and big girl had gone off to soccer, and I put Elvie in her smaller braces for a break, and then we went out for a quick errand down the street. I expected to get the errand done, but I didn’t expect to have the sweetest time with Elvie that I’ve had in awhile. Yet that is exactly what happened. I took a few photos of our magical morning. I love having these photos as a reminder of what is possible when we slow down and enjoy one another.

  • We didn't do anything special...

    We didn't do anything special...

    …and yet it was a special morning nevertheless.

  • Hold on, who's calling?

    Hold on, who's calling?

    Elvie was all ready to go, until something on her phone caught her eye.

  • Out in the lightweight stroller, at last.

    Out in the lightweight stroller, at last.

    It felt so good to put Elvie in her lightweight stroller. The whole day felt lighter with me pushing that instead of the big one her big brace requires her to be in most of the time we are out. It was a taste of freedom, for both of us.

  • "Are you ready to go?"

    Her shrugs are my favorite. It is clear she is asking a question, even if she isn’t saying it out loud. With her bag in her hand and her other hand reaching for the gate, it was clear what she wanted.

  • A cookie right after breakfast? Why not?

    A cookie right after breakfast? Why not?

    Elvie has been such a trooper throughout her time in the brace. We don’t often get to sit outdoors for a snack, and I was happy to get her whatever she wanted.

  • Cookie everywhere!

    Cookie everywhere!

    Elvie’s motto is, “If the food is not all over you, then you probably didn’t like it.”

  • A flower just for Elvie

    A flower just for Elvie

    As we were heading back home from the bakery, the new neighborhood florist stopped us and insisted that Elvie must have a flower. She took it gently and even remembered to say, “Thank you!”

  • The slow walk home

    The slow walk home

    We were having such a sweet time that I didn’t want it to end. I strolled more slowly than usual, and Elvie held her flower gently all the way home. It was a perfect morning; I hope we can find some magic again soon.

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