A Love Story Between a Girl and Her Doll

I can remember my favorite childhood toys. I specifically remember the teddy bear that my aunt gave me, and that little fella went everywhere with me. Now, decades later, I am watching my little girl embrace her her fluffy toys, and it makes me smile. There is one doll in particular that seems to go everywhere with Jada: It’s her Minnie Mouse doll.

When Jada goes to bed, Minnie is in her crib. When we go out to run errands, I find Minnie in the car seat next to Jada. If we are eating dinner, Minnie is in the high chair next to her. I am starting to feel like Minnie is my third child. She’s pretty low maintenance, though, so I don’t mind.


I believe that the relationship our little ones develop with particular toys can be something magical. When my daughter sees Minnie Mouse, she lights up. If she goes to bed and Minnie isn’t there, she looks at me and says, “Mommy, Minnie?” That’s when I know that the search is on and I call my son in as backup. We are on a mission to find Minnie as soon as possible.

I also see how Minnie provides her with a sense of comfort. She snuggles up with the doll and I know she is at ease. She tells me night-night, and I can leave her room knowing that she is in good hands. Minnie has her back.

I don’t know how long her love affair with Minnie will last. Maybe until she’s two, or maybe until she’s 12. No one knows for sure. I do know that as she gets older, I want her to always feel happy and safe, even when Minnie isn’t around. I want her to see the magic in everything she encounters, the same way she sees the magic in that little doll.

One of the most amazing things about our babies is how they have this ability to remind us of the simplicity of life. As adults we can get so caught up in all of our responsibilities and we just forget to enjoy the little things. As I observe this relationship unfolding between Jada and Minnie, I realize that, indeed, it is the littlest things that seem to make the biggest difference in our lives.

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