A Love Letter to My Maternity Clothes

If you were to search the world wide web with its vast knowledge of pretty much everything under the sun, you would find a great many articles about how to avoid wearing maternity clothes or how to make your non-maternity wardrobe stretch throughout your pregnancy. This is not one of those articles. After having gone through nearly 18 months of pregnancy, I have to say that maternity clothes are pretty fantastic…so fantastic that I felt they deserved an ode…a love letter to make up for all the posts in which people try to avoid them. So here goes…

A Love Letter To My Maternity Clothes

Dear Maternity Clothes,


I know you sometimes get a bad rap. People complain that you are expensive and ill-fitting and sometimes downright ugly, but don’t pay those people any mind. I love you enough for all of those people and then some. I am not a tiny pregnant person with a baby basketball bump. I grow everywhere and you perfectly accommodate my growth with your stretchy panels and comfy fabrics. Thank you.

Thank you for relieving me from that rubberband jeans trick (it was never that comfortable anyway) and from tops made of non-cotton-stretch fabrics. Thank you for moving and stretching side to side as my baby moves to and fro like a stealthy, little womb ninja. Thank you for your spandex panels that can be rolled up or down to meet the demands of my morning belly and my evening belly changes or just the weather. Thank you for your mostly dark colors and strategic prints to help me feel slightly more chic during this often uncomfortable time.

During a time in my life when things are uncertain and I don’t know exactly what the future holds (or when this baby will arrive!), thank you for being my one constant. That one pair of pants that actually fits in my closet when all else has failed me. Thank you for being my rock.

I will be forever grateful for all that you have done to support me during these 9 months of changes my faithful friend.



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