A Look Back at My Firstborn: Aiden

My sweet baby boy — my firstborn — will turn four next week. As I take a look back, I sit here misty-eyed and a bit speechless that the time has gone by so quickly. This is the boy that made me a mama. We ventured through firsts together. We have learned and experienced and grown. This little guy has my heart and forever changed my world.

For you sweet Aiden, I love you!

  • a look back

    A Look Back: Aiden

  • two pink lines

    Two Pink Lines

    It all started with those two pink lines! Our world was forever changed!

  • first breath

    First Breath

    Daddy caught your very first breath on film. I saw you for the first time and experienced for the very first moment a type of love that I didn’t realize existed.

  • your love

    Your Love

    You had a few complications but we got you home pretty quickly! The way you looked at me forever rocked my world. I suddenly realized the magnitude of love for another, and the level of protection I overwhelmingly felt.

  • small


    You were so small and so delicate. It’s hard to believe how much you have changed and grown before my eyes!

  • first swim

    First Swim

    I was there for your first swim in the pool and the first time your tiny toes touched the ocean!

  • milestones


    Each milestone you reached, we would celebrate! Everything was so new! Each stage was so fun.

  • hair & eyes

    Hair & Eyes

    Your dark brown hair and dark eyes quickly changed to light blue and blonde curls.

  • little boy

    Little Boy

    I have watched you over the last four years change from a tiny baby to a toddler, and now into a young boy. Each moment has touched my heart so deeply.

  • trips


    We have loved each first road trip, first birthday and all of those sweet moments as a family of three!

  • you stole my heart

    You Stole My Heart

    You stole my heart on March 22 and I will never get that piece back.

  • my big boy

    My Big Boy

    I love you Aiden. I am the proudest mama in all the land! You are such a joy…you make me laugh & smile on a daily basis. You gave me purpose that I didn’t know existed. You are incredible and I am honored to be your mama. I adore you son!


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