A Letter to My Baby Girl About Entering a New Season

My Sweet Baby Girl,

This surely has been some winter. Below zero temperatures and multiple snowstorms have really given us reason to stay inside and snuggle up. As we listen to everyone complain about the polar vortex and the inches of snow, we secretly wish for more snow and colder temperatures because we know that, as with every season, this one will soon come to an end.

As much as we’ve enjoyed our time indoors, I have to admit that I am eager to take you outside without a coat and hat on. I can’t wait to enjoy neighborhood strolls and days at the park while a warm breeze tickles our toes. I am looking forward to blooming flowers, spring showers, and watching you explore the outdoors in a way that you couldn’t the last time it was warm because you weren’t walking yet.


In these last few weeks of winter, though, there is something I really want you to know. When you enter any season in your life, enjoy it. Sure, there will always be a reason to wish for the current season to change, but if you just take the time to look around you, you will realized that every season is enchanting in its own way. Every season offers something magical and precious, if you really take the time to soak it all in.

I want you to always try your best to enjoy every season you enter in life. And if for some reason a particular season is proving quite difficult to enjoy, at the very least, appreciate what it’s brought to your life. Reflect on what you learned during the season, the moments you shared with the people around you, and the lessons you are able to take into the next.

Life is an amazing, beautiful journey, and new seasons are part of what make it so incredible. Every season reminds us of the excitement that can come with change. New seasons also remind us that life is always going to shift exactly when we need it to.

When winters get tough and it seems like they will never end, remember to appreciate what winter offers. Enjoy some hot chocolate. Play in the snow. Stay indoors and snuggle with the ones you love. Because when winter is finally over, as eager as you will be to embrace spring, you will find that you miss what winter meant in your life and you’ll wonder where those months went.

Change is can be wondrous, and embracing it is part of what makes life so incredible. Greet every new season with a smile that makes it want to stick around, and bid the old season farewell with a smile that lets it know what it meant to your life.

Loving you always,


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