A Letter to My Daughter About Being a Little Sister

As you know, I am the youngest of two. Your uncle was six when I was born. He’s loved me from the very start, making me feel protected at every turn in my life. Indeed, after six years of running things, he welcomed me with open arms. I love him for that.

As I grew up, I will admit that his overprotective ways would drive me nuts. His desire to make sure I was always okay just annoyed me. I didn’t understand why he needed to watch over me so much. I wondered why he couldn’t just let me do whatever I wanted to and just leave me alone. Now, years later, I understand. I finally get it.

I see a close bond developing between you and your older brother. How beautiful it is to see the two of you become friends. And with such a small age difference, I know that the two of you have the potential to bond in a way that I wasn’t able to with my brother. There is no other friendship like that between siblings. It is a magical bond.


I think I should warn you that your brother might drive you a little crazy as you get older. He will always feel the need to protect you. He’ll wonder what you are up to and who you are dating. He will question the motives of your friends and ask questions about your whereabouts. It will be annoying at times, and you will want him to back off a bit, but he probably won’t – well, at least not right away. Always remember, though, that anything he does comes from a place of love.

His overprotective nature will always be a part of his love for you. He will never stop feeling the need to protect his little sister. But I have good news. As your friendship unfolds and he learns more about you, he will begin to give you a bit more room. He will realize that although you do need him, he doesn’t have to worry about your decisions because you are fully capable of making good decisions on your own.

If his concern feels like too much at times, just talk to him. He will listen, because he means well. He’ll never do anything to hurt you. I know that for sure. He just wants his little sister to know that he always has her back – always. And, to be honest, it’s kind of nice having someone around who understands you in a way that few people do (he will understand you in a way that even your dad and I may not) and is willing to do anything to make sure all is good in your world. No matter how overbearing he might get, you have to be grateful for that kind of love.

So from one little sister to another, just smile when he drives you nuts and know that an older brother is one of the coolest things a girl could ask for. Enjoy it.

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