A Latin Mother’s Day Poem

In Nicaragua, where my family is from, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 30th of May. On this day, everyone dons roses (either red or white) on their shirts in honor of their mamas, and there is dancing in the streets.

My mother tells me that when she was a girl, she memorized this poem at school and would recite it to my grandmother every year. To this day, no matter where my mom is on Mother’s Day, she will call up my grandmother and recite the poem to her. It is a small gesture, but one that is packed with so much meaning and magic. It’s as if in that moment when the words of the poem are being spoken, with love and reverence, they are both transported to that time years before when my mom was a small girl and my grandma was a young mother caring for seven little ones. It has been many years since my grandma’s kids left the nest, but she is still so loved by her children (and grandchildren and great grandchildren too!).

This Mother’s Day, perhaps you will want to share this very special Spanish poem with your mama.

Al irme a acostar anoche // When going to bed last night


le dije yo a mi angelito // I told my little angel

despiertame tempranito // wake me up so early

que es el dia de mama // it is mother’s day

Tu sabes cuanto me quiere // You know how much she loves me

dice que soy su embeleso // I am all her delight

si madrugo a darle un beso // if I kiss her at twilight

que contenta se pondra // how happy she will be

Y aqui me tienes mamacita // so I’m here beloved mommy

hoy vengo a sellar tu frente // I came to seal your temple

con un besito inocente // with a sweet tiny kiss

como al angel prometi // as I vowed my little angel

Mother's Day
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