A Halloween Brunch for Littles!

Halloween is a fun time of year, particularly if you love having an excuse to dress up. And there is little else in this world quite as cute as a little one in costume. That said, Halloween doesn’t really get fun until your kids are a little bit older. They don’t really want to walk very far and you probably don’t want them eating much (if any) candy yet anyway. Because of this, I thought that a Halloween costume party would be a fun alternative for my daughter! We made it a brunch, because the morning is the happiest time of day for little ones and it was a perfect way to let our littles dress up and enjoy a few treats in a perfectly kid-friendly environment. The kids had a great time and it was fun for the adults to catch up too! Check out some of the photos to inspire your own Halloween brunch!

  • A Halloween Brunch for Littles!

    A Halloween Brunch for Littles!

    Click through for fun ideas to inspire your Halloween with littles!

  • The set up

    The set up

    I wanted the set up for our brunch to look nice, but more importantly I wanted it to be functional for a bunch of kids running around, so I pushed our table to one end of our dining room and then laid out a Halloween table cloth in the middle of the floor for the kids to be able to eat picnic style. It was a great idea since I didn’t have enough chairs or table space to accommodate everyone and the kids thought it was fun and novel.

  • Decor


    I kept the decor to the table area, which is my go-to method when it comes to party decorating. It lets your food do double duty as decoration if the food you are serving is fun and festive!

  • Close-up


    Green monster smoothies, spooky green eggs and apple slices with vegan caramel dip were just a few of the yummy foods we had.

  • Goody bags

    Goody bags

    Easy peasy party bags that I whipped up and filled with fun little Halloween inspired trinkets. The fake fingers were quite the hit!

  • And of course there were costumes...

    And of course there were costumes...

    Fern was a gnome. Unfortunately her gnome hat and shoes were too small!

  • Her gnome counterpart

    Her gnome counterpart

    This is Buckley, Fern’s gnome counterpart and unfortunately we couldn’t get a decent photo of them together, because neither would sit still and Buck wasn’t a big fan of this beard. So cute though!

  • A little witch

    A little witch

    This is Fern’s cousin Harlow in her little witch ensemble – all of the kids wanted to take turns trying on that hat!

  • Showing off his muscles

    Showing off his muscles

    Fern’s friend Bennett was pretty excited to show off his strong muscles.

  • The littlest guest

    The littlest guest

    Even the littlest guest got in on the costume action with a superhero cape!

  • Mouse Ears + Toddler Aerobics

    Mouse Ears + Toddler Aerobics

    Huck’s little Mickey Mouse costume was one of my favorites and such a simple idea for Halloween and I couldn’t get enough of Miss Pearl’s toddler aerobics instructor costume. Another super easy, but fun costume idea.

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