A Fun Book Exchange

One of Baylor’s most favorite things to do is sit down and read books before bedtime. First I read to him, and then he takes over and reads them back in his best baby jibber-jabber.

Recently, a friend of mine invited us to join her and her little girl in a book exchange. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity, because there is nothing more fun that connecting with moms and babes in a new way.


This book exchange was so brilliant. We sent out one book and should receive 36 books back in return! We are still waiting for some books to come in, but so far it has been a huge success with all brand-new books that Baylor is loving.

How it works:

We received a chain letter from our friend. In the letter there was a space for our information (name, email, phone #). There were two slots with two children’s name, address, age, and gender. The second slot was who we received the letter from, the first slot was from whom our friend received their letter from.

The instructions state to send ONE book to the child in the #1 slot. Then send two copies of the letter (on filled out, one left blank) to SIX mommy or daddy friends. Also to move the child in the #2 slot of the letter we recieved to the #1 spot and list my child in the #2 slot on the blank copies that we made.

This is as easy as buying a book off of the internet and sending it directly to one child and then receiving 36 books from friends all over the town, state, or country in return!

If you are looking for fun ways to connect with other moms and babies, try a book exchange! The reward of books and new friends is so amazing!

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