Our Dinosaur-Themed First Birthday Party

My son Aiden LOVES dinosaurs. As some things have come and gone, his love for dinosaurs has remained. So I wanted to come up with a fun, unique way to celebrate his birthday with a dinosaur theme!

Here are a few fun ideas for your little one if he or she loves dinosaurs, too!

  • dino party

    A Dino Party!

    Celebrate your little man or lady with a fun dino-themed party for their first birthday!

  • the cake

    The Cake

    I decided to go with a simple white cake, added a few oranges, a mini dino, and then made it look super special with a cute “celebrate” banner!

  • party favors

    Party Favors

    For the party favors, I went with these super cute & super soft store-bought dino masks! They were a huge hit with all of the different ages of kiddos that came to the party

  • cereal


    A fun, easy and inexpensive snack for little ones at a party is cereal! And the bright colors looks great for pictures too!

  • pom poms

    Pom Poms

    I wanted to hang various decorations behind the snack table. Pom poms are a great way to fill your “background”!

  • snacks


    For the “sweet tooth” tray I added chocolate animal crackers and mini cookies for some fun snacks! The parents at the party loved grabbing these to munch on too!

  • cupcake toppers

    Cupcake Toppers

    I chose simple white cupcakes so that these adorable dino cupcake toppers could really steal the show!

  • garland


    This beautiful tassel garland was a fabulous addition to my background! I loved the way it helped everything come together!

  • cupcake holders

    Cupcake Holders

    These precious cupcake holders I got really made the cupcakes look extra chic!

  • a dino costume

    A Dino Costume

    You can find fun dino costumes for newborns all the way to toddler sizes everywhere! My son loves all of his dino hats and various outfits.

  • bunting


    I also found this amazing bunting that I displayed with the garland and hanging pom poms! All of the details and elements put together made the party a huge success.

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