A Father’s First Year

Last Father’s Day, my husband Larry had only been a father for just over a month — but he wasn’t even expecting to celebrate Father’s Day as a dad until this year because of our son’s early arrival. I had the unique privilege to sit down and talk with him about all the magical moments of that first month and his first Father’s Day as a daddy to our son, Judah.

Now, with just over a year of parenting under his belt, I sat down again with my husband to talk about life as a father as we approach his second Father’s Day.

Congratulations, love… You’ve survived your first year of fatherhood! What has this first year of fatherhood been like for you?

Amazing, exhausting, stressful, wonderful, and just about every other adjective you can think of almost all at the same time! Except maybe relaxing. I wouldn’t call parenting relaxing, but that’s just fine with me.


This is your second Father’s Day as a “new” dad. Has the newness of fatherhood worn off yet?

Now that it’s been over a year, I can honestly say I don’t think the newness will ever wear off. Our son changes so quickly that it’s always new. Judah is always discovering, always changing, and always coming more into his own. It’s such a literally awesome thing to see, I honestly think it’ll be “new” forever.

Last Father’s Day, you talked about how you were amazed and surprised by how quickly Judah changes every day. A year later, what amazes and surprises you about our son?

The way his personality is developing. Judah is such a happy, personable, easygoing kid – and I honestly think I can call him a kid now! He’s gone so far from the eat-sleep-poop newborn/infant stage to a real person with a real personality in such a short amount of time. Watching him literally evolve and grow as a person is a pleasure. To see him learn and to watch his intellect growing is fascinating. I like knowing that how he’s turning out is a direct result of how we as his parents are raising and teaching him; not only that, but and that I can now witness the direct results of that on a daily basis.

Now that you’ve had a year to learn the ropes, what does dad really want for Father’s Day?

A quadcopter, a Tesla, a PS4 and/or an iWatch… I promise I’m 32 and not 12!

What are you looking forward to most in Judah’s second year?

I can’t wait for Judah to start walking and talking. He’s already starting to do both and I can’t wait until I can hold his hand and walk down the street with him. Making him laugh is already one of my favorite things in the world, I can’t wait to discover new ways to do it!

Thanks Larry! It’s so great to check in on you each year of fatherhood to see what’s changed, what’s new and how it all stays magical for you. I already know that Judah thinks you’re a pretty rad dad and I have to agree. Watching you grow as a father this first year is something I am incredibly lucky to witness every day.

Happy Father’s Day, love!

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