Comparing Baby Pictures Between Generations

From the second a baby is born, it seems everyone from the delivery nurse to the stranger at the gas station likes to discuss who the precious little button looks like. “Ooh, he’s got your eyes.” Or, “I see your husband’s mom in her smile.” And so on.

With each of my kids, people constantly say they look just like my husband. Since I happen to find my husband to be very attractive, I take this as a compliment. But, of course, there’s a little piece of me that longs for people to see me when they look into my kids’ eyes. (And since all of them have my blue eyes, well, you’d think that might be the case. But no.)

Well, this weekend I was looking through a closet and found pictures my sister-in-law had put together for my very first baby shower of my husband and me as babies. I got a kick out of looking through them and finding features that I recognized in our little ones.

Here’s a picture of each of us right around the time we turned 2. So, what do you think?

  • 2-Year-Old

    2-Year-Old "Lenny"

    This is my husband showing off his adorable 70s style.

  • 2-Year-Old Me

    2-Year-Old Me

    In case you don’t recognize the belly, this one’s little old me.

  • 2-Year-Old

    2-Year-Old "Big"

    Our oldest just turned 7 (yes, 7!), but the dimples and sparkling eyes haven’t changed a bit.

  • 2-Year-Old

    2-Year-Old "Little"

    He’s a 4-year-old sports fanatic who’s grown up and in, but I still love this sweet picture.

  • 2-Year-Old

    2-Year-Old "Pink"

    While she’s as girlie as I was, she loves basketball as much as her daddy did. (She even hit the court in her party dress when we celebrated her 2nd birthday last week.)

Who do people tell you your baby looks like? Do you agree?

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