A Doc McStuffins Birthday Party

One of the cutest cartoon programs on TV has to be Doc McStuffins. Both of my kids love it. I find it to be such a positive and encouraging show. Also, being a minority, I love that the main characters are also minorities.

Obviously, so many little girls look up to Doc because they can relate to her. Alyssa is one of Doc’s biggest fans, so for her third birthday, she wanted to have a Doc Alyssa party! Lucky for her, she has a mama in the party industry who has more creativity in her little pinky than I do in my whole body. Seriously, I was blown away when I saw the photos for this party.

Scroll through to see how it turned out!

  • The Birthday Girl

    The Birthday Girl

    Here is the birthday girl with her talented mother and her awesome older brother. How fun are these costumes?! I love when the whole family can get into the spirit of things.

  • The Centerpieces

    The Centerpieces

    Love these personalized centerpieces featuring Doc and her favorite toys.

  • The Gift Shop

    The Gift Shop

    I love these adorable party favors that look like Doc McStuffins’ medical bag.

  • The Optical Center

    The Optical Center

    Guests were able to keep these fun personalized glasses from the “optical center.”

  • The Medical Supplies

    The Medical Supplies

    Just kidding, all these medical supplies are actually candy. Genius!

  • The Cake

    The Cake

    This picture speaks for itself. Definitely the perfect cake for this party.

  • The Cupcakes

    The Cupcakes

    A great accent to the cake. Love the mini bandaids and stethoscopes.

  • The Cookies

    The Cookies

    Everything Doc needs in cookie form.

  • The Dessert Table

    The Dessert Table

    From the life-sized characters, to all the sweets in coordinating colors, to the balloon arc. Perfection.

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