A DIY Belle-Inspired Flower Headband for Your Baby Girl

Loaded with chairs, blankets, and way too much candy, my family made way to the drive-in this weekend to see Disney’s latest release, the live-action Beauty and the Beast. I honestly don’t know who was more excited, my three princesses or me.

I’m so grateful drive-ins still exist. My youngest loves movies, but two hours can be a lot for a little one. In the comfort of the minivan, I’m less concerned about her making noise. It wasn’t until Belle appeared in her yellow ball gown, that it really clicked that this was Beauty and the Beast for my daughter.

To celebrate the film’s opening weekend, I made my youngest a Belle-inspired flower headband. Lots of yellow mirroring Belle’s gown will make the wearer of the headband ready to waltz. The rolled felt roses are so simple to make, you won’t need an enchantress to bring them to life!

What You’ll Need:

  • Red and green felt
  • Yellow ribbon elastic
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Small beads (optional)

The Steps:

  • Beauty and the Beast Headband 1

    1. Cut Flower Pieces from Felt

    From red felt, cut 3-inch circles, 1-inch circles, and rectangular pieces of felt slightly larger than the width of your headband elastic. Cut several leaves from green felt.
  • Beauty and the Beast Headband 2

    2. Cut Circular Felt into a Scalloped Spiral

    Scallop the edges of the circles. Then cut an inward spiral into each.
  • Beauty and the Beast Headband 3

    3. Roll Felt to Make Roses

    Beginning at the center, start rolling your felt outward and slightly upward. Secure the rose with a pin while making additional roses.
  • Beauty and the Beast Headband 4

    4. Make Base for Roses

    Cut a small piece of felt to serve as the base of the rose. Hot glue the rolled rose to the piece of felt. You’ll also want to glue the end of the rolled felt to secure it.
  • Beauty and the Beast Headband 5

    5. Attach Roses to Elastic Headband

    Cut yellow elastic to fit your child. Where the two ends of the elastic meet, you’ll place your first rose. Sandwich the yellow elastic between your rectangular felt and the completed rose and secure with glue. Add additional roses.
  • Beauty and the Beast Headband 9

    6. Personalize Your Headband

    When making DIY headbands, the opportunity for personalization is endless.  Add more roses for a floral crown.  Older princesses might also like long ribbons flowing from the back.

We adored our first viewing of Beauty and the Beast at the drive-in.  With a DIY headband my daughter will love recreating the tale, playing the part of Belle, again and again.  I guess that makes me the Beast!

Have you seen Beauty and the Beast yet?

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