A Disney Baby Christmas Wish List

This holiday Mickey, Minnie and their friends will be making an appearance under countless Christmas trees. For those of you who are trying to figure out what to gift the smallest Mouseketeers in your life, I wanted to share some ideas that fall into the standard gifting categories of “want, need, wear and read.”

If your baby isn’t verbal yet, chances are they have still found a way to articulate their likes and dislikes. When it comes to toys, it may be helpful to think about what they gravitate to, or what you think they will enjoy as they grow. It is something I have given thought to while shopping for my own little one. Since she currently loves Doc McStuffins, the Doc is sure to make an appearance under the Christmas tree, but there will also be some things that won’t be familiar to her at 16 months — things that she will experience and learn about for the first time. Items that will play a role in the creation new memories together.

Before I finish up the last of my holiday shopping, I thought I’d take a moment and peruse the Disney Store, where there is a variety to choose from. Take a look at 14 items to gift your Disney Baby this Christmas.



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