A Day Out with Baby

When I had my oldest daughter I was terrified to leave the house with her by myself. I didn’t want her to cry in public and me not be able to calm her down. It stressed me out so much that I stayed home most of the time.

Now nearly five years and two more kids later, I realize how naive I was in wanting to stay inside all day. Not only is it important for us, as new moms, to get out and do things, but it is also a great time for baby to explore.

This weekend I had a bunch of errands I needed to do around the city. Rather than leaving all three kids at home with my husband, I offered to take Macks with me. We are still nearly exclusively breastfeeding so I wanted him to be with me when he got hungry. While I knew that I was going to be out nearly all day, I was surprised that I had no stress at all about being alone out with a baby. In a way I felt proud of myself.


I’ve overcome a lot in the past five years of my motherhood journey and have been able to put many of the stresses aside that I had when my oldest daughter was a baby. I actually think that taking Macks out for a day with just the two of us feels like a day of relaxation compared to a day with all three kids.

I walked around the city while looking down at Macks in the stroller and thought of how amazing and freeing it felt to be out with just the two of us. He fell asleep in the stroller which gave me time to sit outside at a restaurant by myself and enjoy some quiet time. Although I was running errands and had Macks with me, it was just the rejuvenation I needed after a long week.

It’s amazing the journey that motherhood can take you on. It occurred to me this weekend how confident I have become in myself as a mother in the past five years. The things that used to terrify me, now don’t even make me flinch. It feels good to be comfortable in my role as a mother to my children, because it’s the best role I’ve ever had the opportunity to partake in.

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