A Day in the Life of My 9-Month-Old

As a work-at-home mom, Judah and I spend a lot of time together; we’re very lucky that I have the flexibility to be able to work from home so that I can take care of Judah during the day. In the past couple of months, we’ve fallen into a bit of a routine during the day. As a new mom, it’s nice to be able to predictably count on certain parts of our 9-month-old’s schedule. I feel more confident as a parent knowing the basic parameters of my son’s day, and it makes adapting to changes in his routine here and there that much simpler.

At a mom’s group I go to this week, the facilitator brought up the point that “they won’t be babies forever” and it got me thinking… in just three months, our little baby will officially enter toddlerhood as he turns a year old. I want to savor what precious time is left of his infancy, so I spent the day yesterday capturing the magical moments of a typical day in Judah’s life.

From playtime to naptime and more, here’s a peek at my 9-month-old’s daily routine.

  • A #dayinthelife of Judah

    A #dayinthelife of Judah

    Come along to see what life at Team Zoll’s house is like with our awesome little dude!

  • 7:45am - Mornin' Dad!

    7:45am - Mornin' Dad!

    Judah was up right on time this morning. My husband always gets him in the morning, changes him, and brings him to me before he leaves for work. It’s his favorite way to start the day!

  • 8:59am - Morning Snuggle

    Judah and I love to spend an extra hour in bed every morning. After Larry brings him to me, I nurse him back to sleep for a short morning nap (for both Judah and me!) – we never really thought we’d do any kind of co-sleeping, but it works out so well for us in the mornings.

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  • 9:55am - Getting Ready For The Day

    9:55am - Getting Ready For The Day

    Once Judah is really and truly up for the day, I change him out of his PJs and into something to roll and romp around in.

  • 9:59am - Fit as a Fiddle and Ready to Go

    9:59am - Fit as a Fiddle and Ready to Go

    Now that he’s all dressed up, he’s ready for a day full of fun with mom!

  • 10:07am - Brekkies!

    Breakfast is one of my favorite times of the day. Judah downed a whole sliced banana and a bottle! I love to spend the time talking about the food he’s eating: what it’s called, it’s color, where it grows or where it’s from. I love making food moments educational for Judah.

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  • 11:35am - Story Time

    Reading is so important to my husband and I, so we make it a point to read to Judah every single day. He loves his “it’s a small world” books. Since we’re in Olympic season, we’ve been focusing on all sorts of world culture books, like this “it’s a small world” book featuring animals from around the world.

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  • 1:12pm - Om Nom Nom

    After a few more stories and some playtime on the mat, Judah’s earned himself a snack! He’s teething right now, so he’s a big fan of anything crunchy right now, like these teething biscuits.

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  • 1:33pm - The Life of a WAHM

    1:33pm - The Life of a WAHM

    As a work-at-home mom, I have to squeeze in my writing wherever I can. While Judah has his “lunch” bottle, I manage to finish another article for one of my freelancing contracts.

  • 1:45pm - Naptime

    Oh naptime… it’s always an adventure in our house! Over the last week or so, we’re not sure if Judah’s dropping one of his afternoon naps (he used to take two: one around 1pm and another around 5pm) or if this is just a temporary sleep disruption while he’s teething. I put him down just before 2pm; after some babbling and a little whimpering, he was out like a light.

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  • 4:02pm - Wakey, Wakey!

    4:02pm - Wakey, Wakey!

    Judah took a very long nap! It gave me a chance to crank out some work, eat some lunch, and have some quiet time to myself. As sleepy-eyed as he looks in this photo, he was so well-rested and pleasant after his nap!

  • 4:24pm - So Hungry

    A long nap like that works up a big appetite. Judah inhaled his post-naptime bottle!

    Judah's become a master of the sippy cup.

  • 4:38pm - Carrot on a Stick

    4:38pm - Carrot on a Stick

    We’ve been trying to get Judah to start crawling. We’ve found the most effective way to motivate him forward is to use an incentive he can’t resist… like his baba!

  • 5:09pm - Can You Say Cat?

    It never fails… as soon as Judah gets down on his playmat, our cat Toro needs to make his presence known. (We’re not sure if it’s out of loyalty, jealousy or a mix of both!) Every time he wanders by, I try to teach Judah to say “cat!” – it’s a work in progress.

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  • 5:23pm - Costume Change!

    5:23pm - Costume Change!

    With the threat of sleet to dampen his walk home from the commuter rail, I offered to pick up my husband from the train station. That means that I couldn’t take Judah out in just a romper, so it was time for a quick costume change!

  • 5:47pm - Hi Daddy!

    Larry is always so happy to see Judah as soon as he gets home for the day – and Judah’s always so thrilled to see him, too! Our car was filled with Judah babbling away, saying, “Dad! Dada. Dadadada” the whole ride.

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  • 6:22pm - Appetizers

    Even though we have a 9-month old baby in tow, there’s no need to let baby cramp our style ;) We love to go out to eat and thought it was a good night to try a new restaurant we had been meaning to check out. Now that Judah’s working on lots of solid foods, that means we can order for him now, too!

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  • 7:04pm - Dinner Time

    7:04pm - Dinner Time

    After munching on some of my mashed potatoes and turkey, Judah moved on to his bottle during dinner. He’s gotten really good at holding up his own bottle…

  • 7:06pm - Daddy, You Hold It

    7:06pm - Daddy, You Hold It

    …unless he’s really tired, like he appeared to be at dinner! Thankfully, Larry had already finished his entree and could hold Judah’s bottle for him. Judah almost fell asleep sitting in his high chair – almost.

  • 8:35pm - After Dinner Playtime

    8:35pm - After Dinner Playtime

    Judah is a bit of a night owl and we’re totally aware he goes to bed later than a lot of other babies his age. Since my husband often doesn’t get home until 5:30 or 6pm, it’s important to us that he gets to spend the time with our son.

  • 8:56pm - Goodnight Kisses

    8:56pm - Goodnight Kisses

    Larry is such an engaged, active father; it’s really awesome to watch and I’m so appreciative of all the ways he helps out with Judah’s daily routine. He always gets Judah changed for the night and offers up big hugs and goodnight kisses.

  • 9:02pm - Bedtime Snack

    9:02pm - Bedtime Snack

    I can’t believe that at 9 months, I’m still nursing Judah; I honestly didn’t think I would even last 3 months. (We had a bit of a rough start.) Even though I only nurse him two to three times a day, it’s still such a special time that we share together – it’s one of the reasons I’m taking my time to wean.

  • 9:12pm - Asleep at Last

    9:12pm - Asleep at Last

    While Judah nurses himself to sleep, I usually read to him from my phone. Last month, we finished “The Hobbit” and I just started some of the original Sherlock Holmes’ stories with him. He may not understand any of it, but it’s a nice way to end our day.

  • 9:14pm - Goodnight, Munchkin.

    9:14pm - Goodnight, Munchkin.

    As I lay him down in his crib, I always give Judah a big kiss on the forehead and whisper in his ear: “Goodnight, munchkin. Dream of wonderful things. I love you.”

    I’m so glad I took the time to capture all these magical moments from a day in my son’s life! These photos make for fond memories of such a small but amazing part of his childhood – and I’m glad I’ll have them to treasure always.

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