A Day in My Life as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Life as a stay-at-home-mom can be funny.

You usually have a lot of flexibility – no 9 to 5 job – but also it can be hard to deal with fluidity. And some days race by, while other days you think, “How many times have I read this book today? Fifteen? A hundred?”

Occasionally, I try to document one of our days by taking a photo an hour, which are never quite the same. Here’s one of our days from January 2014. I loved looking back on this and having a record of exactly what my girls were like at this moment. They change so fast!

  • 7 a.m.

    7 a.m.

    Just after seven, this sleepy head creeps into my room to tell me it’s time to wake up.

  • 8 a.m.

    8 a.m.

    Bananas and cold cereal. Breakfast of champions.

  • 9 a.m.

    9 a.m.

    While I get ready, my toddler paints her toenails. You’d never guess she did them herself, would you?

  • 10 a.m.

    10 a.m.

    While Ani takes a morning nap, I clean the bathrooms, while Ella anxiously waits for me to sweep the kitchen so she can mop.

  • 11 a.m.

    11 a.m.

    Shortly before noon, we have lunch. Ani will happily sit at the table as long as she gets to control the fork.

  • 12 p.m.

    12 p.m.

    While I clean up lunch and check my email, the girls play in the playroom (sometimes they are great about playing on their own, and other times … not so great. I’m always grateful when they do).

  • 1 p.m.

    1 p.m.

    Nap and Quiet Time! I nurse Ani and put her to bed and then read Ella a story before she starts two hours of quiet time in her room.

  • 2 p.m.

    While they rest, I try to get as much work done as possible, including writing a post about the kind of mom I want to be.

    Full post here on Disney Baby

  • 3 p.m.

    I make and photograph these chocolate chip coconut energy bars (and set them aside for an after-nap snack). They were delicious and both my girls love them!

    Recipe here

  • 4 p.m.

    4 p.m.

    Quiet time is over, but Ani is still snoozing (it took her a while to drop off), so Ella watches a few minutes of Doc McStuffins while I finish up a bit of computer work. Note all the Christmas cards still sitting there – I’m holding on to them for this Valentine’s Day project

  • 5 p.m.

    5 p.m.

    This rosy-cheeked baby is all smiles after a long nap, and just wants to be snuggled. I’m more than happy to oblige (Ella was NEVER a snuggly baby, so I’m making the most of having one who likes to cuddle).

  • 6 p.m.

    6 p.m.

    We make a quick run to the thrift store to drop some things off (you can tell that Ella isn’t very thrilled about this errand), then dash home to get dinner ready, since we have friends coming over to eat with us.

  • 7 p.m.

    7 p.m.

    Our downstairs heater isn’t working, so I turn on the fire to keep it semi-warm during dinner. Our home is pretty busy for a bit as the friends who came for dinner pack up to leave right as another friend brings over her baby to stay with us while she and her husband go to a Duke basketball game.

  • 8 p.m.

    8 p.m.

    Both my girls are snoozing and the visiting baby is also asleep. It’s quiet and peaceful, and I hop on the computer to do a little more work.

  • 9 p.m.

    9 p.m.

    Just as my friend texts to say they are on their way home (and that Duke won!), her baby wakes up and she joins me in my office while we wait for her parents to arrive. I can’t believe how tiny she seems compared to my own girls, who aren’t THAT much older.

  • 10 p.m.

    10 p.m.

    I wrap up on the computer and spend a few minutes planning for the next day.

  • 11 p.m.

    11 p.m.

    I chat on the phone with my husband (he was out of town), and then read for a few minutes in bed before turning off the lights. Good night!

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