A Date with Baby in Tow

Dates with my husband are few and far between now that we have three kids. Life continues to get more busy with each day, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t find time for one another. If there is anything that I’ve learned in the nearly seven years that we’ve been married, it’s that we need to take time to focus on our relationship. And sometimes that means a date with the baby in tow.

Macks Polo

Last Saturday my husband and I took a day for ourselves to really get to spend time together that we haven’t had since Macks was born. My sister took both of our girls for the day and since I am still exclusively nursing, Macks came with us.


Five years ago if you would have told me that alone time with my husband meant taking the baby with us, I would have laughed at you. But now that we have three, it was just the right amount of togetherness that we needed. Macks is still sleeping most of the day so he is generally very easy to bring out and about. Other than nursing him when he was hungry, he slept in his car seat for most of the time that we were out.

We explored places together, had a great dinner that allowed us to actually have a conversation and eat hot food. It was the perfect day for us to focus on one another.

With three kids, it’s hard to get time alone so we are always looking for ways to find time to spend together and sometimes that means taking just one of the kids with us. I’ve realized how important it is to focus on my marriage and in order to do that I have to get creative with how we work on it. A date with the baby in tow was the perfect remedy for some much needed alone time.

How to do find time for your relationship with kids?

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