A Daddy Daughter Date Night

Mommies are wonderful and we talk about them often. Moms do a special job that no one else can do quite like they can. But Daddies are pretty wonderful too, and it’s nice to take note of the special things that they do also. Like this past Friday night when I went out for a girl’s night with a friend, and my husband took our daughter on a special date.

Thank Goodness For Daddies


Typically our Friday nights are spent at home ordering takeout and laying low and I kind of assumed that was what my husband would do while I was out, but when I came home, he told me about what their evening entailed. He changed her out of the comfy clothes I had her in and got her all dressed up (along with himself) and took her out for a semi-fancy (you can’t get too fancy when you’ve got a toddler) daddy daughter date. And he even took photos, which is a rarity for him. They stopped to smell flowers and ate yellow curry and hum bao, and even though the wait was long, they had a fun time together.

I love seeing my husband falling into his role as a Daddy more and more as the time goes on. As Fern gets older, they seem to bond more and more, and it’s fun to see them interact in ways that are different from the ways that she and I interact. Fern and I spend most of our days together, and when it’s not just us, it’s usually the three of us, so it’s nice for me to get away so she and her daddy can have one-on-one time too.

Seeing these photos of their little date made my heart swell and reminded me of just how thankful I am that my daughter has a pretty wonderful Daddy.

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