A Creative, Baking-Themed Pregnancy Announcement

This morning, I announced a surprise “little something” we’ve been cooking up…a BABY! That’s right friends – we are expecting Baby number two in early June and we are over the moon about it. We announced the pregnancy with a fun baking themed photo shoot and i love how it turned out. Caroline Dahlberg of Coeur de La Photography captured our family in such a fun and beautiful way and I thought I would share the photos here as inspiration for those of you with a pregnancy announcement in your future. It was a fun way to incorporate family photos with the pregnancy announcement and I’m seriously smitten with them.

  • A Creative, Baking-Themed Pregnancy Announcement

    A Creative, Baking-Themed Pregnancy Announcement

    The story starts out with the cast of ingredients for making pancakes…but really, it’s not just pancakes we’re cooking up!

  • Everyone is in on the action

    Everyone is in on the action

    Cooking is a team sport!

  • Documenting the process

    Documenting the process

    My husband showing our girl how to crack an egg.

  • Ooops!


    This is one of my favorite shots in the bunch, when the eggshell broke in the mix.

  • Mixing


    So focused on her mixing skills.

  • Surprise!


    The little surprised look on her face is my favorite.

  • Cheese!


    Cheesy smile for the camera.

  • Detail shot

    Detail shot

    Remnants of our baking adventure.

  • Just a little hint

    Just a little hint

    Then you get a little hint of what we’re cooking up. I just poured the pancake batter into a squeeze bottle to spell out the letters.

  • Close-up bump shot

    Close-up bump shot

    And then everyone is let in on the surprise! Baby pancakes paired with a little bump. A fun and simple way to announce.

  • It's a B-A-B-Y!

    It's a B-A-B-Y!

    I love how this tells a little story, but we didn’t have to do anything over the top. We make pancakes almost every weekend, so it’s a little part of our family culture as well, which makes it extra fun to have these photos — they double as a pregnancy announcement and great family photos.

All photos taken by Caroline Dahlberg of Coeur de La Photography

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