A Brilliant Parenting Product! Potty Toppers Sale at Babies“R”Us!

Many things that used to worry me before I had kids no longer faze me.

Spit-up? No problem.

Poopy diapers? I’m a pro.

But one thing that used to be hardly a blip on my radar is now something I fear with a toddler.

A public restroom.

Princess Potty Topper

Invariably, whenever we’re out running errands, my toddler will announce she needs to go to the bathroom. And, of course, with a toddler, you don’t have a lot of waiting time. If they need to go, they need to go now.

Which means I find myself, more often than I’d like, using public restrooms.

And with little ones, who don’t really understand why a public toilet is kind of gross, it’s hard to keep them from touching it.


Which is why I LOVE these potty toppers from Disney Baby. You can just keep the whole pack in your diaper bag, then whip one out, stick it on the toilet seat, and then throw it out when your child is done. Easy and clean.

Cars Potty Topper

They come in several cute designs, including Minnie Mouse, Disney Princesses, and Cars.

And, until Dec 21st, they are on sale at Babies“R”Us. Buy one pack and get a second pack 50% off! It’s a perfect stocking stuffer or useful holiday gift!


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