A Boy And His Tractor

When I found out that I was having a boy for the first time, I admit that I worried about not being a “boy’s” type of mom. 

After two daughters, I was well familiar with the world of princesses and the parties and spa days, but did I know about the world of boys?

Would I be a good rough `n tumble mom? Could I work up the proper fascination for toy trains and dinosaurs? If my son turned out to be anything like the brother I remembered from my childhood, constantly smashing toys together and always making things fight, I was a little more than concerned about the fate that lay ahead.

But like most things in motherhood go, I shouldn’t have worried. 

Because of course, my son turned out to be the most perfect boy of all time. A mix of mischief and sweet, naughty and nice, all boy and yet a mama’s boy.

And I had no trouble loving the things he loves, simply because I love him


My husband was delighted when my son started to display an interest in all things machinery and farm related. Having grown up on a farm, my husband of course longed to share his love of tractors and planting and dirt with a son someday. And while our daughters love helping Daddy to build things and are particularly adept gardeners, I have to admit that my son shows a special love for the world of farms.

When my husband mows the lawn, my son watches out of the window, even before he was a year old, never taking his eye off of the mower, pointing excitedly at him and squealing every time his dad went by. Already, he has been gifted with more toy tractors than our house can hold and he will spend hours lining them up, hooking up wagons behind, loading up machines that quite honestly, I don’t even know the name of.

And although the world he loves is so, so different than mine, or even the world that I have shared with our daughters before my son burst onto the scene, I was surprised (and a little relieved) when I realized that I feel exactly the same excitement of watching my son ride a tractor with his dad as I do watching my girls pursue their own passions.

I’ve learned that a girl and her doll–

Or a boy on his tractor. 

It doesn’t matter one way or another to my mother’s heart.

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