A Birth Day Cake

When Ani was born in December, several friends and family members came to visit us in the hospital. I loved seeing everyone who stopped by to ooh and ahh over my new little baby, but I was most thrilled and surprised by the visit of my sweet friend, Ralphie.

Not only is she one of my closest friends, but she came bearing a beautiful little cake.

It was only about six inches across and sat on a small cake stand. She’d also packed a couple of paper plates and some forks, plus a handful of cute festive napkins.

Birth Day cake

She said, “This is a true birth day cake! This is a moment to celebrate.”

My husband was home with my older daughter, putting her to bed, so Ralphie and I sat in the quiet hospital room, snuggling my newborn and sharing slices of this unbelievably delicious cake. It was a magical moment.

An hour or so later, my husband and my mom came back to the hospital and they enjoyed some cake too.

And I’m doing this for all of my friends from now on when I go to visit them in the hospital – it was such a sweet gesture, a delicious change from hospital food, and a beautiful way to celebrate the excitement and joy of a new baby’s birth.

(Bonus! It was great to have a couple of slices left when we left the hospital to eat in those early post-hospital days where you are STARVING from delivery and nursing and wacky hormones and need something to eat right. this. minute.).

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