The Absolute Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

A sleeping child is one of the most beautiful moments you can ever witness in your lifetime. Watching them dream as their little chests rise and fall with each breath while their eye lashes lay against their angelic faces – it’s a beautiful and emotional moment for a parent. At least it is for me.

My friend Jessica Shyba from Momma’s Gone City, has a way of capturing those magical moments. As a mom to three children, Jessica recently added to her family by adopting a puppy from her local shelter. “Theo” quickly adapted to the Shyba household and has even fallen into his own routine – napping alongside her son Beau.

The following photos will induce all the feelings (just warning you in advance).

I asked Jessica if she would share her story with you all and she kindly obliged.

  • Magic


    “Simply magic. #theoandbeau”

  • Cuteness Overload

    Cuteness Overload

    “These two have been competing for lap time all day. I love their solution to share. #ijustdied (pre-apology for overgramming! Can’t help it!)”

  • Forever


    “pencil me in for nap time every day until forever. #theoandbeau”

  • Love Is All You Need

    Love Is All You Need

    “love is all you need // #theoandbeau will be featured on Good Morning America tomorrow! cc @santacruzSPCA”

  • It's Go Time!

    It's Go Time!

    “brothers from another mother // #theoandbeau”

  • Matching Hoodies

    Matching Hoodies

    “we are thankful for hoodie weather. And each other. // new post // #theoandbeau”

  • Sweetness


    “They probably need their own account at this point. #theoandbeau”

  • Best Buds

    Best Buds

    “Make room for me guys! #theoandbeau #zzzzzzzzz”

  • Bathtime!


    “Rub a dub dub, four bubs in the tub!”

  • The Shyba Family

    Yes, Jessica and her family are just as sweet in real life as they appear in photographs. She is truly one of the nicest and kindest people I know. If you want to follow her on Twitter or Instagram, her user addy is @MommasGoneCity.

    Photo credit: Anna Mayer

    You can also follow Jessica on her blog, "Momma's Gone City."

Were you planning on buying a puppy or was adoption always something you had planned for your family? Tell us how Theo became a part of your family. 

J: “Initially, we explored all options as we felt that we should as responsible parents to small children. We had, however, rescued our cat Charlie 2 years prior, so adoption was definitely our preferred choice. We did a lot of research on breeds and their typical temperaments, and the age of dog we should look for given that our youngest wasn’t quite two years old when we were actively looking for a dog. We decided to take a trip to our local shelter, the Santa Cruz SPCA, and we never looked back after that.  Not only was the staff kind and helpful, my husband and I knew that adoption/rescue was the only way we could go. It took several weeks and visits to the shelter before we found Theo, but he was our immediate choice.”

Did Theo immediately bond with your children? 


J: “When we first went to the back yard area and saw Theo fenced in a pen with this two siblings-who looked entirely different than him- we noticed that he was the more docile one of the group. The kids each took turns meeting them, and Theo immediately gravitated to their laps-specifically Beau’s.” 

Those pictures of Theo and Beau napping are simply magical! How did this nap time ritual come about? 

J: “On the third day after bringing Theo home-the first day I needed to leave him to put Beau down for his nap-Theo was whining loudly and it made Beau falling asleep nearly impossible. So I brought Theo up on the bed with us while I rocked Beau, and he crawled up on top of Beau, snuggled in and fell asleep. The rest is history!”

Watching you go “viral” has been such a joy and something well deserved as I’ve been an admirer of your photography for years now. What’s next for #TheoandBeau? Any special projects in the works?


J: “That is so kind! Photography has been a wonderful creative outlet for me for years, so it has been incredibly fulfilling to see appreciation for not only the photos, but for the Rescue Organization’s plight as well. I recently signed a two book deal with Macmillan/Fiewel & Friends. The first one comes out in February 2015! A portion of the proceeds will go to the Santa Cruz SPCA, as they are in desperate need of a new facility. Campaigning and putting forth efforts to support them is a major goal of mine.”

You can follow her 
@MommasGoneCity on Instagram or Twitter @MommasGoneCity.

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