9 Tips for Getting Out of the House Faster with Baby

Want to know what my biggest fear about having another baby is?

The fact that in a few short weeks, I will be responsible for getting four children out of the house.

Let’s face it: the moment you become a mother, getting out of the house at a decent time with everyone looking decently put together is one of life’s biggest challenges. And if one baby can add an hour to your getting-out-of-the-house routine, can you imagine what four will do?


Before the madness begins, let’s brush up on some easy tips to getting out of the house faster with baby, shall we?


  1. Pre-pack the diaper bag. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought the diaper bag was stocked and ready to go, only to find that I’m down to one wet wipe when that inevitable time comes. No matter, check that the diaper bag is stocked and ready to go the night before.
  2. Re-stock as soon as you come home. One of the things I’ve learned over my mothering years is to immediately re-stock the diaper bag when we get home for those moments when I forget to do #1. It’s easy: throw a few diapers in, replenish the wipes, and make sure there’s a spare outfit (or two).
  3. Load up the car the night before. I don’t always do this, but if I know I’m going to be in a rush, I’ll make sure the car is loaded up the night before. Diaper bag, book bags, library books to take back, my purse and glasses, all ready to go.
  4. Prepare snacks and drinks. Yes, ok, I’m one of “those” mothers–no matter what I do, it seems that the moment we get in the car, my kids are dying of thirst or begging for a snack. So I’ll try to lay out a few easy snacks to take, like a non-spill container of puffs, a banana, and water bottles for quick grab-and-go.
  5. On those nights you’re really cramped for time… have them sleep in their clothes, if you’re feeling very desperate. At the very least, for mornings when I’ll need extra help, I’ll put the baby to sleep in a shirt he can wear the next day. No shame in my game!
  6. Lay out all clothes. I’m fairly certain all mothers instinctively do this, but if you haven’t tried it already, lay out all the kids’ clothes–socks included–the night before.
  7. Line up the shoes. Oh my goodness, the shoes. They’re the #1 item that will keep you from getting out of the door with baby and kids in tow every.single.time. Combat the lost shoe syndrome with your super mama powers and line up everybody’s shoes and coats–including your own–right by the door so you’re ready to go.
  8. Slip-ons are your friend. It may sound crazy, but I’ve pretty much given up on all shoes that aren’t slip-ons. For myself, that is. Easy flats let me slip my shoes on with a baby and a diaper bag in my hand. #winning
  9. Hang up the bags. In the summer especially, I keep three pre-packed bags in the closet prepped and ready to go: 1) all their swimsuits, swim diapers, an extra bottle of sunscreen, sunglasses and an optimistic book for myself. 2) the pajama bag, for those nights when we stay out later than we mean to and want to throw the kiddos into bed right away. 3) the cool weather bag, packed with sweatshirts and long pants for spontaneous summer nights out.

What’s your best tip for getting out of the house faster with baby in tow?

Image via Chaunie Brusie


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