9 Things Moms Can Do to Support Other Moms

Motherhood is the most amazing experience. Even with its challenges, nothing beats the magical moments that organically take place when you are raising your child. It truly is wonderful.

But even with all the magical moments, as moms we are all too familiar with the struggles of motherhood as well. We know what it means to feel guilty or stressed. We know what it truly means to worry ourselves sick. We know the intense feeling that comes with self-doubt. We know that, although being a mom is incredibly rewarding, it can be equally difficult at times.

What I think can help us all navigate motherhood with a bit more ease, while truly appreciating every moment, is tapping into ourselves to support other moms a bit more. This doesn’t just mean out closest friends and family members who happen to be moms. This means any mom we encounter—especially if it seems like she is having a rough day.

I want all moms to know that showing support and encouragement to a mom who might be having a hard time can make all the difference. Your smile can be just what she needs to feel okay that day. Your kind gesture may be just what they need to remember that even on their toughest day as a mom, things will turn out just fine.

  1. Smile more. A smile goes a long way. When you see a mom you don’t know very well, shoot her a smile. When you arrive at a friend’s home for coffee, greet her with a smile. We smile at our kids because we know they feed off of our energy. The same goes for adults.
  2. Offer to babysit. When you put good out into the world, it comes back to you. Give another mom some time to herself by offering to babysit. I’m pretty sure the favor will be returned, and the mom you help out will appreciate it more than words can say.
  3. Bring over a meal. I know some moms are great at cooking regularly and I think that is awesome. I also know that I am not one of those moms, and I am certainly not the only one who doesn’t cook that often. That said, bringing a meal or dessert over to a busy mom could really help her out a lot.
  4. Offer support in times of need. When another mom experiences a major life event like a move, a death in the family, or the birth of a new child, reach out to see if she wants or needs anything. Now what mom wouldn’t appreciate that gesture?
  5. Don’t judge. No good comes from passing judgment. We don’t know anyone’s story as well as we know our own, so there really is no reason to judge what another moms does or how she does it. The world is a happier place when we don’t pass judgment.
  6. Listen. Sometimes a listening ear is all another mom needs. No advice, no questions… just someone who will listen.
  7. Suggest a “Mom’s Night Out.” We all need some time away from our precious little ones. Schedule a night out and ask all your friends with children to come relax and enjoy.
  8. Acknowledge your flaws. It’s tough to form an authentic relationship with another mom if she thinks you are the perfect mom. None of us are perfect. That’s what makes motherhood such an adventure.
  9. Laugh about life. Life is short. Laughing is great medicine. Whether we are laughing at our kids or ourselves, let’s laugh together.
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