9 Things I Miss About the First Few Months with My Babies

My little Jada Bear, as we affectionately call her, will be 21 months old next week. I can see her 2nd birthday on the horizon, and I am puzzled by where the time went. It seems to have gone by so much faster than those first two years of my son’s life. Maybe it’s because I spent more time at home with him before returning to work (18 months vs. the 4 months I stayed home with Jada). Maybe I am busier now and the days just feel like one big blur. I can’t be sure. I just know that I really feel like I was pregnant with her yesterday, and now I have a soon-to-be toddler on my hands.

As much as I enjoy watching my kids grow and learn, I have to admit that there are so many things that I miss about the early days in their lives. There is just something so incredibly precious about that time. Despite the long nights and tiring days, that time felt magical to me. I cherished it, and some days I wish I could go back (just some days).

Here are a few things I miss about those first few months of my children’s lives.

  1. Breastfeeding. There is no feeling like providing nourishment to the child that grew in your stomach for nine months. As difficult as the sleepless night were, I truly miss waking up to breastfeed my babies.
  2. Bathtubs with slings. I love baby bathtubs, and I especially love those cute slings I would place in the tubs when my babies were tiny. Giving a newborn a bath is one of those experiences that you cherish, because before you know it, they will be all over the bathtub while you try to catch them just to wash their hair.
  3. Tiny toes and fingers. I absolutely love tiny baby toes and fingers. When my children would use their tiny hands to grip one of my fingers, my heart would melt. It’s such a magical moment that reminds you of how much they need you.
  4. Sleeping on my chest. I have tons of pictures that my husband took with my babies on my chest while we napped. There is such a sense of peace that comes with a tiny baby curled up on your chest. I love it.
  5. Bedtime songs. I don’t have a beautiful singing voice, but for my babies, my familiar voice brought them comfort when they needed it most. I still sing to them today, but when they were tiny, singing to them turned into a remarkable bonding moment.
  6. Onesies. I love onesies! They are so cute and comfortable and soft. I miss going through five onesies a day, because in my book it’s the sign of a happy, healthy baby.
  7. Rocking baby to sleep. I have a secret. There is this part of me that wishes I could rock my kids to sleep forever. Rocking my babies to sleep always felt like this special moment where I’d get a chance to quietly reflect on the day and on how much I love them.
  8. Waiting for baby to roll over. When I brought my babies home, those first few months were all about waiting for that first rollover and when it finally happens, the excitement is incredible.
  9. Long naps. When both of my kids first came home, they would sleep for hours during the day, and sometimes I would sleep with them. Those are some of the best naps I have ever had, and I will forever miss taking those naps with them.
I’d love to hear what you miss about the early days in the lives of your little one(s).
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