9 Summer Activities I Can’t Wait to Do With My 1-Year Old

With the unofficial start of summer last weekend, we’re ready to take Judah out to explore all the summer fun that his hometown (and beyond) has to offer this season! With plenty of sunshine and longer days, there so many outdoor activities we’ve been waiting to do for just the right weather.

If you’re looking for inspiration about fun outdoor things to do with your baby or toddler or summer, look no further!

  • Let the Summer Fun Begin!

    Let the Summer Fun Begin!

    After being cooped up for a winter that seemed like it was never going to end, Judah is ready for plenty of summer fun! Here are the 9 summer activities I can’t wait to do with our baby.

  • Fun Under the Sun!

    Fun Under the Sun!

    Being so close to the ocean, we can’t wait to take Judah to the beach when it’s actually warm! The couple of times that we’ve taken him, it’s been really, really chilly out. With his sand pail and shovel, I know he’s going to love playing in the sand!

  • Everything's Better with BBQ!

    Everything's Better with BBQ!

    Judah loves barbecued and smoked meats (I really wish I was kidding – I think BBQ brisket might be his all-time favorite food). With great weather, it’s the perfect time to get together with our friends and their little ones. The kids get to play and socialize and the parents get to kick back around the grill.

  • Camping & Hiking

    Camping & Hiking

    Judah’s first camping trip is already on the books for July 4th weekend! My husband and I have always enjoyed camping and hiking together, and now we’re excited for Judah to join in on the adventure. As a special bonus, we’ll be camping with several sets of friends who all have had experience camping with a toddler of their own, so they have plenty of “camping with a baby” wisdom to share.

  • Farmer's Market Follies

    Farmer's Market Follies

    Judah’s no stranger to the Famers’ Market here in town, but now that he’s crawling, cruising and so much more engaged with his surroundings, I have a feeling he’ll be appreciating it a lot more this summer. And now that he’s eating solids, we’re looking forward to the opportunity to cook up farm fresh meals for him.

  • Touring The Summer Festival Circuit

    Touring The Summer Festival Circuit

    Between local arts and crafts festivals, food and family music festivals and fairs, there are lots of great weekend day trips we can take that will appeal to both my husband and I and Judah all at the same time. Judah gets exposed to new music, sights and sounds and we all get to enjoy the sunshine!

  • Lions, Tigers and Bears

    Lions, Tigers and Bears

    Now that the weather is warming up, it’ll be a lot of fun to take Judah on his first trip to the zoo. We figured lions and tigers are more interesting than our two house cats. Plus, our area zoo has it’s own butterfly garden, too. I have a feeling Judah’s going to love it!

  • A Day at the Park

    A Day at the Park

    There are a few parks within a good mile walk in either direction from our house; with the nice weather, a couple hours at the park provide me with a chance to get out of the house and go for a walk and for Judah to play on the swings and slide (with a little help from Mama, of course).

  • Come

    Come "Sale" Away

    Yard sales, tag sales, estate sales, garage sales… whatever you call them, we love them. There’s nothing like going out for a drive and spotting a neon yellow “Yard Sale” sign. We might not buy anything… or maybe we’ll find a hidden treasure!

  • Splish Splash, Baby!

    Splish Splash, Baby!

    One of Judah’s first birthday gifts was a really awesome inflatable kiddie pool. Judah already loves bathtime and being in the water, so splashing around in his kiddie pool will be a great way to cool off on those really hot summer days.

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