9 Simple Ways for Mom to Relieve Stress

Show me a mother, and I will show you a woman who has dealt with some stress in her time. I’ve definitely been there. Does it mean I don’t love motherhood? Absolutely not; I love motherhood more than any other role in my life. My children are my everything. However, being a mom can be stressful, and if the stress isn’t managed, it can take a toll. Our babies add magic to our lives, but that magic comes with a little bit (or a lot) of stress. 

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I can’t tell you how many friends have told me that they just want to go to the spa or they just want to sleep in for Mother’s Day. It seems like what moms want most for Mother’s Day is a way to reduce the level of stress in their lives—even if only for one day.

Well I think moms should enjoy a significant amount of stress relief year-round. Not only does it benefit us as mothers, but it benefits our little ones a whole lot. Life is just better for everyone (even Dad), when Mom is not stressed out.

Here are a few tips that I use throughout the year to help me manage stress and enjoy the sweet moments even more. After all, everything is sweeter when you feel relaxed.

  1. Exercise. Even if it just for 10 minutes a day, every little bit helps and those small workouts add up. Even if you just use a 7-minute workout app on your phone, it makes a difference in your mood and it reduces stress.
  2. Call a friend (one who is a mom). Nothing against my awesome friends who are not mothers, but when you have had a day filled with mommy stress, venting to another mommy really helps.
  3. Go to sleep super early. I know doing this is so hard for me because when they kids are in bed, it’s my chance to finally catch up on everything I haven’t done yet, but sometimes we just have to hit the sack at 8pm with them and get a good night of rest.
  4. Indulge. Of course this can’t happen all the time, but I think a good mom deserve to indulge from time to time. Don’t you? Chocolate, wine, reality TV—whatever it is, just enjoy.
  5. Go on a date. We can get so busy with caring for the kids that our love lives move closer to the bottom of our list of priorities. Trust me when I say that enjoying a date is a magical thing.
  6. Do something “pretty.” Whether it’s a new outfit, a haircut, or a pedicure, take the time to do something that makes your feel pretty.
  7. Say “no.” Such a simple word yet so hard for so many of us to say. Think of it like this; the more you start to say “no” to things that aren’t priorities, the more time you have for things that matter most.
  8. Breathe. I mean the right way. We can go through our days taking shallow breaths and never truly breathing deeply. A few deep breaths makes all the difference. When your baby cries, use it as your chance to truly breathe.
  9. Find a great babysitter. Many moms are fortunate enough to live close to family members they trust, but for lots of moms that isn’t the case. Do your research and find someone your trust.  It’s always helpful to have someone your can call when you need childcare.
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