9 MORE Rookie Parenting Mistakes I’ve Made

It doesn’t matter how many books or websites you read, when the big moment comes where you’re a parent, you make some goofy little mistakes.

I rectified some of them with my second daughter (although I’m sure I’ve made a whole set of new ones). Here are nine that stand out to me as rookie errors my husband and I made:

Rookie Parenting Mistakes
  1. Letting our daughter run the bedtime routine. With our first daughter, she would convince us to get her a drink, 10 hugs, really long books, and on and on. Now, both our girls get their jammies on, brush their teeth, say prayers, and get tossed in bed. So much faster and they know they don’t get to mess with it.
  2. Introducing chocolate milk. A little after my daughter turned one, my husband thought it’d be fun to give her a little chocolate syrup in her morning milk. Guess how long that went on? (If you guessed a year, you are very wise).
  3. Assuming no one but me could put her to bed correctly. I was always so worried about letting a babysitter (or even my sister!) put her to bed – what if she cried, what if I was the only one who could comfort her? Now I know other people can stick a baby in a crib just as well as I can.
  4. Those shoes that squeak. They’re a little loud and you can hear them all over the house or store (although, I have to admit, I thought they were pretty cute).
  5. Letting my daughter out of the grocery cart part-way through a grocery trip. I let her walk one time, and then after that, she was never happy to sit in the seat the whole time. And that is not very efficient.
  6. Thinking I didn’t need a pacifier clip. I was wrong. I REALLY needed one.
  7. Leaving the house without an extra diaper. I know – who even gave me a baby? The good news is that you only make this mistake once.
  8. Thinking I needed to entertain my baby every moment of the day. News flash: It won’t hurt a baby to play on their own for a bit here and there!
  9. Lying awake at night worrying about how my baby would sleep without a swaddle. I should have known that basically no adults still need to be wrapped into a baby burrito, but for some reason I was so worried my baby would never ever be able to sleep without her arms wrapped tightly against her sides. She’s four now and she hasn’t needed a swaddle in almost three and a half years. I should have slept soundly.
What silly parenting mistakes have you made?
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