9 Reasons This Little Girl Loves Having Big Brothers

While there’s no doubt my baby girl loves pink, princesses, and all things girlie, there’s also no doubt that she’s got the influence of two big brothers in her life. Here are just a few of the examples of why it’s pretty cool to have big brothers around the house.

  • #1: The Accessories

    #1: The Accessories

    Sure a tutu is pretty fantastic, but so is a baseball cap. And basketball shoes. And football pants. And balls from all of the above.

  • #2: The Bath Toys

    #2: The Bath Toys

    Sure, she’s got squirters and all kinds of toddler fun in there. But what’s more fun than toy cars splashing into the water? Not much, it seems. Not much.

  • #3: Cartoon Cuddles

    #3: Cartoon Cuddles

    There’s a whole lotta love on the couch with these three. And not just for Sofia the First.

  • #4: Free Cookies

    #4: Free Cookies

    The words “grocery store” became synonymous with “cookie” much earlier for this little one. Yep, she caught onto her brothers’ gig in no time.

  • #5: Disney Quotes

    #5: Disney Quotes

    Sure, she loves the princess songs and books. But when it comes to her favorite quote, it’s gotta be, “Speed, I Am Speed!”

  • #6: The Dress Up Clothes

    #6: The Dress Up Clothes

    Even princesses can be superheros. And law-abiding ones at that.

  • #7: Bending the Rules

    #7: Bending the Rules

    These boys have a creative way of making the rules their own. And not combing their hair. Both wins in her eyes.

  • #8: The Reading Material

    #8: The Reading Material

    Marvel isn’t just for the boys in our house. In fact, I hear this book is even better with shades and beads.

  • #9: The Wardrobe

    #9: The Wardrobe

    Pink, pink, pink. Enough already. Give this girl a big boy shirt and hat, and she’s ready to roll. (Who says you have to have a big sister to raid the closet?)

Do you have a baby girl with big brothers? What does she love about having them around?

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