9 Darling Disney PJ Pals for Baby

Lately it has been so hot that Lola has been sleeping in one pieces, but fall is upon us which means soon we will be curling up in an effort to find comfort amidst cooler temperatures. One of my favorite fall purchases for my oldest daughter has always been pajamas and during Lola’s first months I loved dressing her in the sleeper pajamas with feet. But as cute as they were diaper changes weren’t always that easy. Sometimes we would wake up in the morning only to find that we had buttoned them incorrectly during a midnight diaper change and the older she gets the more she wiggles and squirms during diaper changes. This year I am looking to invest in a couple two piece pajama sets. I love the PJ pals from Disney Baby because they are cute, cozy and functional. No buttons to worry with during diaper changes and the ones with non-slip slipper feet mean babies feet will stay nice and toasty. Take a look at 9 of my favorite PJ pals for baby:

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