8 Ways I’m Including My Toddler in the Holiday Season

I never loved the holiday season like I do now that I am a mom. There is just something about children that makes the holidays magical. Their joy and excitement and wonder for the world is contagious and it makes you want to stop and take in all the fun and beauty that life has to offer. I am so beyond excited for Christmas this year and it’s all because I get to include my little one now. Just because she’s little doesn’t mean there aren’t still lots of great ways to help her feel involved.
Here are just a few ways I’m including my toddler in the holiday season, and I’d love to hear some of your ideas too!
  • 8 Ways I'm Including My Toddler in the Holiday Season

    8 Ways I'm Including My Toddler in the Holiday Season

    Just because they’re little doesn’t mean they’re too little to be included in holiday festivities! Here are eight simple ways I’m including my daughter in the holiday season and ways you can include your little one too!

  • 1. An Advent calendar

    1. An Advent calendar

    Making an Advent calendar has been the best thing to help me make sure the holidays feel special. With a new pregnancy I’ve been pretty tired lately, so I didn’t get fancy with ours. Just numbered paper bags and every day we open a new one. Some have fun activities inside and others have small gifts and so far my little one has loved opening every one. It’s a great way to make every day a little special during the countdown to Christmas.

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  • 2. Fun holiday activities

    2. Fun holiday activities

    The Advent calendar is helping us engage in plenty of fun holiday activities already and I can’t wait for more. I want to be sure that I make the Christmas season fun for our daughter because of the quality time and not just the presents. So far we have gone to see the Zoo Lights and cut down a Christmas tree. Today we will be checking out holiday library books, this weekend we will see some live reindeer and next week is for ornament making. So fun!

  • 3. Teaching about giving

    3. Teaching about giving

    Even though my daughter is still a little young to really understand the idea of giving to those who are less fortunate than she is, it is an idea that I want to instill early on. This year I had her help me choose stocking stuffers for foster children and even though she didn’t totally “get it”, it was a good practice that I look forward to doing with her over the years. I can’t wait until she’s old enough to help choose how we give as well!

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  • 4. Reading about it

    4. Reading about it

    Reading about things is a great way to include toddlers in their world and the events around them. We’ve already been reading the Christmas story and will be reading about Santa, reindeer, elves and even Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Books are a great way to expose your children to new things!

  • 5. Letting her help with the decorations

    5. Letting her help with the decorations

    Little hands are very good at breaking things, but I decided to make sure my little one was involved in the decorating process as much as possible. She was so pleased with herself for hanging up the ornaments on the lower tree branches!

  • 6. Starting traditions

    6. Starting traditions

    Now that we have a toddler the holiday traditions are really starting to get fun. So far the Advent calendar and tree hunting have been my favorites, but we also plan to see Santa, bake cookies and start a whole other slew of traditions. Not too many to where it becomes overwhelming, but just enough to make it fun.

  • 7. Decorating her space

    7. Decorating her space

    Including little touches of holiday cheer in the decor or your little one’s room is a great way to make them feel a part of the festivities of the season. Just be sure to only include decor that is child-safe!

  • 8. Letting her help with the baking

    8. Letting her help with the baking

    The holiday season and baking go hand-in-hand and as such I will definitely be letting my little one help out with all the Christmas cookies and various baking we’ll be doing this season. She’s an excellent mixer!

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