8 Things I Love About Playtime with My 8-Month Old

Judah is an unbelievable eight months old as of yesterday! It’s amazing just how fast the time has flown. It feels like just yesterday I was writing about what I missed most about the newborn months, and here he is on his way to becoming a toddler! Maybe the time has flown by because we’re all just having so much fun together as a family, especially during playtime.

To celebrate these past eight months of fun, here are my eight favorite things about playtime with Judah!

  • We Love Playtime!

    We Love Playtime!

    It’s pretty much the best part of every day!

  • Cuddles and Snuggles

    Cuddles and Snuggles

    I love playtime with Judah because there’s lots of time for cuddles and snuggles in between books and blocks. I try to get in all the cuddle time with my little one that I can, because I know there’ll be a time as he gets older when he’ll be too cool to cuddle!

  • Time to Get Silly

    Time to Get Silly

    Playtime with my son is one of the few times in life where it’s totally cool to wear bowls on our heads for hats, to sing silly nonsense songs, and to just let loose and have fun! It many ways, the ability to just be silly with my son is both exhilarating and exhausting :)

  • Teaching and Learning

    Teaching and Learning

    The inner teacher in me loves being able to read and teach things to Judah as he grows. But as his mom, sometimes I just like watching him learn and grow, too!

  • Daddy and Baby Time

    Daddy and Baby Time

    Playtime isn’t always the “Mom and Judah Show” – the fun continues as soon as Larry gets home from work! I know my husband looks forward to playtime when he gets home every day, and especially on the weekends when it’s all about Daddy & Judah time together.

  • It's Better With Friends

    It's Better With Friends

    Most days, it’s just me and Judah. But sometimes we have visits from friends, like his pal Maddie! Playtime is always way more fun with friends! It’s so cool watching the way he interacts with other babies.

  • Unleash the Giggles

    Unleash the Giggles

    Making Judah laugh every day is pretty much my number one goal besides ensuring he’s fed and changed. Judah is an incredibly happy, pleasant child, but he saves his belly laughs and giggles for only his inner most circle of trusted Giggling Pals (namely, me, his dad, and his grandparents)!

  • Watching Him Process the World

    Watching Him Process the World

    It’s more than just getting down to his level and physically looking at the world: it’s about looking at the world the way an eight month old baby sees it and takes it all in. I totally understand how babies can become overwhelmed – but I can also see how everything seems magical and wondrous, too.

  • Tuckers Him Out

    Tuckers Him Out

    Let’s face it… playtime can be exhausting – for all of us! Sometimes it’s nice that playtime will tucker him out for a nice long nap so either I can grab a quick catnap myself or have some much needed work time during the day.

What are your favorite things about playtime with your little one?

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