8 Simple Ways to Update Your Mommy Style

It happens to all of us. We get so caught up taking care of our children that we put our needs aside. Then suddenly we realize, “Hold on! I need to take care of ME!” and we essentially start all over again.

I recently started cutting back on things that added stress to my life, and started making small changes — I even decided to start my day on a healthier note by making delicious green smoothies!

After talking with many other moms, the one constant complaint is the lack of time to look stylish or wear makeup. Even though I focus on fashion and beauty for moms, I am also realistic and know that I can’t always look amazing. However, there are simple wardrobe and beauty tricks you can do to spice up an outfit or give your mommy style an edge.

  • Tinted moisturizer

    Tinted moisturizer

    Super simple and it will change your face instantly! Try a tinted moisturizer in the morning. Wear it alone or with a light blush. It will smooth out uneven tones and give your face a much needed glow!

  • Comfy flats

    Comfy flats

    Switch out your tired and worn out running shoes or sneakers for a cute pair of flats. There is no reason to wear those unless you are actually going running! Get a pair with bright colors and wear year-round. You will instantly look stylish and be able to keep up with the babes!

  • Stick-on nails!

    Stick-on nails!

    I like having my nails done, but it’s hard to find the time to do them yourself or have them done. A friend sent me a set of Jamberry nails — literally they’re nails that you stick on, cut, and file. DONE! Pretty nails in a few minutes. And they last! Do the dishes, shower, everything, and they do not come off!

  • Maternity jeans to slimming piece

    Maternity jeans to slimming piece

    My daughter is 6 months old and I am still wearing my maternity jeans — well sort of! I actually took my jeans, folded the tummy panel down, cinched them in the back to make them tighter, used a glue gun to secure the fold, and VOILA… an instant slimming piece! It keeps my mummy tummy in place — no muffin top — and I feel confident wearing fitted tops. Try it!

  • Scarf


    One of my all-time favorite accessories and mommy style pieces. A scarf not only looks super chic, but it helps cover the mummy tummy and distracts from your middle. It also dresses up a simple t-shirt!

  • New 'do

    New 'do

    Oh yes! A new ‘do never felt so good! A few weeks after Little L was born, my mother booked me an appointment at my local salon to get a new color and cut. It felt so, SO good! This I highly recommend to all mamas. Even if you don’t wear makeup or are feeling BLAH, if you have awesome hair, you feel you can do anything!

  • Shapewear skirt

    Shapewear skirt

    Yet again, another piece of shapewear! I tell you, wearing clothing that gives you a bit of a tummy tuck or makes you look slimmer instantly makes you feel good! I found a skirt that has a slimming panel — chic and comfortable, and it’s great to switch up your look with a cute skirt.

  • Good-fitting bra

    Good-fitting bra

    I am guilty of wearing worn out and old bras — but recently I had a chance to get a proper fitting and buy a new bra and it was MAGIC! I walked out of there a whole new woman. Mama was ready to take on the world, and all it took was a good fitting and stylish bra. It makes a huge difference!

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