8 Reasons Why I Love the Disney Cuddly Bodysuit™

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and for giving me the Disney Cuddly Bodysuit™ for free.

Oh, the baby one-piece bodysuit: As far as I’m concerned, it’s a marvel of modern fashion for babies. With as many outfit changes as we go through during the day, we sing the praises of the baby bodysuit: all hail the bodysuit! And the Disney Cuddly Bodysuit™? It’s pretty amazing compared to the many brands of baby bodysuits out there! Here are 8 reasons why I adore it!

  • Disney Cuddly Bodysuit™ Love

    Disney Cuddly Bodysuit™ Love

    Warning: supercute baby fashion ahead!

    Photo by Keiko Zoll

  • Supercute Designs

    Supercute Designs

    Whether it’s Monsters Inc., Toy Story, or Winnie the Pooh, the Disney Cuddly Bodysuit™ comes in all your favorite characters so your little one can look as supercute as can be, like my little guy in vintage Mickey!

    Photo by Keiko Zoll

  • Grow-An-Inch Snaps!

    What makes the Disney Cuddly Bodysuit™ unique is its two rows of snaps. That extra inch gives us just enough room so that each bodysuit can last much longer. One extra inch equals extra value!

    Photo by Keiko Zoll

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  • The Softest Fabric

    The Softest Fabric

    Each Disney Cuddly Bodysuit™ is made from super soft organic cotton, so it’s gentle and snuggly on baby’s skin!

    Photo by Keiko Zoll

  • Gorgeous Color Palettes

    Gorgeous Color Palettes

    Many of the bodysuit sets play on a particular Disney character’s color theme: red, grey, and black for CARS; pinks for Minnie Mouse; yellows and greens for Simba and Winnie the Pooh. It’s nice to have variety beyond your basic white bodysuit to give baby a pop of color!

  • Laundry Friendly and Resilient

    Laundry Friendly and Resilient

    With as much laundry as we do around here, the Disney Cuddly Bodysuit™ really holds up in the wash: no fraying or loose snaps even after many, many washes!

    Photo by Keiko Zoll

  • Available at Amazon

    With my Amazon Mom account, I can get free two-day shipping. So if I’m in a pinch, I can order a variety of Disney Cuddly Bodysuit™ styles – in my favorite size and colors – with just the click of a mouse!

    See all Disney Cuddly Bodysuit™ styles on Amazon

  • Great Prices on Bodysuit Sets

    Great Prices on Bodysuit Sets

    I love that each three- or four-pack bodysuit set won’t break the bank. You get adorable baby bodysuits at a great price – and the Grow-An-Inch Snaps practically double your value!

    photo credit: kenteegardin via photopin

  • Sharing the Cuddly Love

    I’ve become such a fan of the Disney Cuddly Bodysuit™ that I just have to spread the word and share the love… it’s my new go-to baby shower and new baby gift!

    photo credit: Lauren_Miller via photopin

    Get your very own Disney Cuddly Bodysuit™!

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