8 Reasons to Love Moving with a Baby

No one really likes moving, I think.

After all, it’s one of the biggest hassles I can imagine, with all the packing and unpacking, the travel often required between the new location and the old, and the four million trips to the store to buy things you need. More packing tape! More boxes (always more boxes!).

Throw kids into the mix, and it can be even more challenging, as you try to juggle all the regular responsibilities of moving, plus the care of your child.

And yet, I’ve found that our recent move from Texas to North Carolina has been one of our smoothest and most enjoyable, not just in spite of our children, but BECAUSE of them.

Here are eight reasons moving with children can be great:

  • Instant Friends

    Instant Friends

    You have a built-in buddy. In former moves, I’ve felt really lonely for the first few months as I tried to make new friends. This time, I’m never alone (and because I have two children, they are never the only child around either).

  • Easier to Make Friends

    Easier to Make Friends

    I’ve found, and you may have too, that it’s much easier to make friends once you have children. Go to the library for storytime and BAM! Instant friends. (Maybe they should do storytime for adults so we can meet friends too!)

  • New Toys!

    New Toys!

    All the toys and games are new and exciting, even after only a week of being packed away.

  • Together Time During Packing

    Together Time During Packing

    To my surprise, I discovered that my children actually enjoy the packing and unpacking. They like me being right there with them, they like that they can pull toys in and out, and that I can talk or sing to them while I do it.

  • A New Neighborhood

    A New Neighborhood

    A new location means a whole slew of new things. Even a new street to walk down is exciting.

  • New Adventures

    New Adventures

    A new place to live means new outings and adventures. New park, new library, new children’s museums, restaurants, and friends. I love that my children mean I get to see a move through their eyes.

  • Taking a Break

    Taking a Break

    Kids are a great reason to take a break during all the packing and unpacking. It’s not laziness when you lay on the floor and read books instead of individually wrapping up all your dishes — it’s good parenting!

  • A Reason to Have a Good Attitude

    A Reason to Have a Good Attitude

    I think it’s easy to get discouraged when you’re moving, thanks to all the work and endless details, but having children around gives me a reason to stay very positive about it all, so that they feel happy about the move rather than nervous or unsettled.


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