8 Reasons I’m Happy to Be Having a Home Birth

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it much here at Disney Baby, but we’re planning a home birth for Baby #2. When I had my daughter, it was at an out-of-hospital birthing center. My daughter was born in the water, drug-free, and the experience was wonderful. Because everything went so well, we decided that this time around a home birth would be the best fit. So here we are, 23 weeks down, and I’m loving my experience so far and looking forward to my labor and delivery at home. I know that a home birth isn’t the right fit for every woman, but here are a few reasons why I’m happy to be having one.


8 Reasons I'm Happy To Be Having a Home Birth

8 Reasons I’m Happy to Be Having a Home Birth

1. I get to know my care providers

Getting to know the care providers who would be present during my labor and delivery is very important to me. At a hospital, you sort of just get who you get when you go into labor and there’s no guarantee you’ll get the OB or midwife you know and love. When I’m laboring, I only want people I know and trust around. It’s so great that I know my midwives, they know me, and that they are the ones who will be attending my birth when the time comes. It makes me feel so much more calm and confident.

2. Prenatal appointments in my pajamas

One of the awesome perks about having a home birth is that my midwife comes to me for all of our appointments! With a toddler around, this is no small perk. The fact that I don’t have to drag a toddler to all of my appointments is awesome — as is the fact that I have definitely had one or two of my appointments in my pajamas within the comfort of my own home.

3. My daughter gets to be a part of the experience

Since our midwives come to us, my daughter gets to be present during every appointment. She gets to hear the baby’s heartbeat and be a part of the process. I’m excited that I have the opportunity to expose her to birth as a normal part of life. I grew up being terrified of birth, and I hope that my daughter doesn’t grow up with the same fear. I’m pretty sure I won’t have her present while I’m laboring since I prefer silence in labor, but I love that I have the option to include her if I want.

4. I can text or call with questions

I love that my midwife is always available to me. If I have a question or concern I can just call or text her — personalized care at its finest! The other day I texted her to find out how often I could indulge my tuna sandwich cravings, and the week before that I texted to find our which cold medicines were pregnancy-safe. It’s the best.

5. I get to relax in my own home

Home is my most favorite place to be, so it only makes sense that I would enjoy and appreciate having appointments here and giving birth here. This is my space — the space where I feel the most comfortable, so I know it’s the right place for me to have a baby.

6. I get to wear my own clothes

True, I could wear my own clothes at a hospital if I really wanted to, but at home it’s guaranteed. I’ve never been a fan of those hospital robes anyway.

7. I’m not rushed

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I spent the first 18 weeks of my pregnancy receiving care at a hospital before transferring to the out-of-hospital birthing center. One of the things I didn’t like about my hospital experience was that it always felt rushed, and I always left feeling a sense of stress and was concerned that this would happen during labor…a time when the last thing in the world I would want to be was to be rushed. With my midwives in the setting of my home, I never feel rushed. Our appointments last about an hour every time and I know when I am in labor they won’t push for interventions and will wait patiently for Baby to make his arrival when he’s ready.

8. A calm and gentle birth

I loved having a water birth with my daughter, and that’s just not an option at most hospitals (there are a few where I live, but my insurance doesn’t cover them). I’m looking forward to a similarly calm and gentle water birth experience this time around as long as everything goes according to plan.

Have any of you had a home birth? What did you enjoy most about it? Likewise, what did you enjoy about your hospital birth if that was the route you took?

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