8 Reasons I Love Having a Little Girl

From the time I was a little girl playing house, I dreamt of one day having a daughter of my own. The funny thing is that when I was pregnant, I was completely certain I was having a boy and got super excited about that. When I finally found out we were having a girl, I honestly had a moment where I felt a little disappointed, but then my lifelong dream of having a daughter came rushing back, and I’ve been thrilled with my little lady ever since. Here are just a few reasons why I love having a little girl…

  • 8 Reasons I Love Having a Girl

    8 Reasons I Love Having a Girl

    Having a little girl is pretty great.

  • Mother Daughter Dates

    Mother Daughter Dates

    Sure mama/son dates are equally sweet, but I dreamed of having mother/daughter dates with my own little one from the time I was playing house as a child. So much fun!

  • Dresses and Lace and Bows

    Dresses and Lace and Bows

    When you have a girl, you can just combine all of these things into one outfit if you like!

  • Swimsuits


    Swimsuits are my weakness…my shopping kryptonite and I simply can’t resist them. Fern may or may not have five of them, because dressing a little girl up in a cute swimsuit is just so much fun.

  • Pig tails

    Pig tails

    I mean…seriously? It doesn’t get any better than pig tails.

  • Matching


    If I had a son, I would probably end up matching with him too, but matching with my daughter is an irresistible guilty pleasure of mine. Sometimes it’s on accident, but sometimes it’s totally on purpose.

  • Nail polish

    Nail polish

    I’ve known plenty of boys who’ve sported nail polish in their day, so this one isn’t necessarily specific to girls, but I sure do love painting her little toes.

  • Daddy Daughter bonding

    Daddy Daughter bonding

    Seeing the sweetness between my husband and our daughter has been one of my most favorite things about having a little girl. Having a daughter has changed him in so many adorable ways.

  • Accessorizing


    Girls and their accessories…at least this girl. She loves them and I love seeing her enjoy them.

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