8 Reasons I Love Having a Little Boy

Piggy-backing off Lauren’s recent post on why she loves having a little girl, I figured I’d add my opinion in here as well. I grew up with a lot of estrogen in my life — a sister, female cousins, a gaggle of aunts. The world of a little boy was foreign, and so my childhood visions of motherhood included tea parties and dance recitals. It’s all I knew.

But then I got pregnant way younger than I ever expected (22 years old), and the thought of having a little girl sent me into a panic. Well — maybe not a panic. Brainstorming baby girl names and imagining a wardrobe of tiny dresses was always appealing. But I was barely a woman myself — how could I raise a little girl to be the confident, healthy young woman I was still hoping to be?

Of course I now know that I would’ve been just fine raising a mini-me, and I certainly have moments of mourning for the daughter I may never have, but I’m grateful for my little boy in so many unexpected ways. Here are some of the (many) reasons I love having a little boy:

  • Why I Love Having a Boy

    Why I Love Having a Boy

    It wasn’t the experience I imagined, but it’s so much more…

  • Mama's Boy

    Mama's Boy

    There’s something about the relationship between a little boy and his mommy — and I know it’s not just Noah. There’s a connection, a bond, between a mom and his mama’s boy — and I wouldn’t trade it for all the hair bows in the world.

  • Mini Men

    Mini Men

    It’s undeniable that little girls have way cuter clothing options than baby boys, but let’s not forget about the ties and button-ups and boxer briefs. I mean — good grief. I just love that miniature man look.

  • Matchy Matchy

    Matchy Matchy

    The only thing better than having a little girl idolize my style and want to match me? It might be seeing the man I love walk down the sidewalk next to a miniature version of himself — down to the shoes. My heart. My heart.

  • Fedoras


    Voted: Most Likely to Play Acoustic Guitar.

  • Cars, Trains, and Planes

    Cars, Trains, and Planes

    I’ve loved being immersed in a world of train tracks, construction blocks, and tiny cars. It’s so different from the dollhouses and tea sets that I grew up with, but it’s so classic little boy. Heartwarmingly classic little boy.

  • Exploration


    From the moment he could walk, he was bringing me gifts of rocks and sticks and dirt. He goes on epic adventures — often with a pirate spyglass or an imaginary superpower — and always saves the day.

  • Capes


    Miniature Mary Jane shoes and hair flowers are cute, but I just love my son’s must-have fashion accessory: his cape. He has capes in all colors and identities, and doesn’t think twice about adding one to his daily ensemble.

  • Shenanigans


    High energy, daredevil stunts, and classic little-boy mischief. I may not have a built-in script for raising a little boy, but it’s an adventure worth having.

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