8 Reasons I Love Having a Baby Boy

After having four girls, I was so nervous about having a boy. This was my fifth and last pregnancy, and as it took us by surprise, I figured it would — of course — be another girl.

When we found out we were having a boy, our entire family was so excited and realized this is what we needed to complete our family of seven. We were never trying for a boy; it just so happened that we had four girls and Grayson came last.

It’s the perfect combo, and looking back, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a great mix. The girls adore their little brother so much, and we have so much fun with him!

Here are just a few of the many reasons I love having a boy.

  • Oh, The Boy Toys!

    Oh, The Boy Toys!

    After all of the pink and the princesses, it’s nice to have a chance to shop the boy department. I have to say, I actually don’t mind the boy toys, and it’s fun finding cars Grayson loves!

  • He Goes with the Flow

    He Goes with the Flow

    He is just so relaxed and goes with the flow. Always smiling, always happy – no matter how he feels or what we are doing. He is very different from my girls.

  • Hello, Carl.

    Hello, Carl.

    Having a little boy gave me the only chance I had to dress up one of my children like Carl from Disney’s UP for Halloween. Grayson made the perfect old man!

  • Dressing a Boy

    Dressing a Boy

    It is so much fun dressing my little man! Dressing a boy is so different from dressing girls. I love being able to shop for him!

  • Such a Ham

    Such a Ham

    Grayson is full of personality! He is always making me laugh.

  • A Different Bond

    A Different Bond

    Maybe it’s because he is my last; maybe it’s because he is boy. Whatever it is — the bond is just different between a mother and a son. I just love him so much!

  • He is Not Camera Shy

    He is Not Camera Shy

    When my girls were babies, they weren’t so fond of the camera, but Grayson, well — he takes any photo opp he can get. He is just so full of himself!

  • Boys Are Just Different

    Boys Are Just Different

    While all my girls have different personalities and I love them all equally — there is just something so different about boys. Grayson never stops, he is always moving and always looking to get into something. He would rather play with pots and pans over any toys. Raising a boy so far has just been so different from raising girls. I feel so lucky to have them all!

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