8 Ways to Entertain a Toddler

When it comes to keeping a child entertained, the effort required definitely starts to increase as they get a little older.

Now that I have a toddler, I’ve had to up my game in the entertainment department. And since I’m sure I’m not the only parent who’s always on the lookout for fun (and simple!) ways to keep my toddler entertained, I thought I’d share a few fun and easy activities that my toddler has been loving lately.

  • 1. Color

    1. Color

    Crayons are the obvious choice when it comes to coloring tools, but if your toddler is anything like mine, he or she probably spends more time trying to eat the crayons than actually coloring. Recently I got my daughter this cool “magic” coloring pad where the colors appear when you use a special water pen. Much less messy and it’s been a huge hit!

  • 2. Build a fort

    2. Build a fort

    You can build a more permanent structure, like the one our friend in the picture has, but toddlers will be just as thrilled by a few couch cushions, pillows and sheets. It will be a fun novelty and toddlers love all things novel.

  • 3. Go for a walk

    3. Go for a walk

    Sometimes the simplest cure for a stir-crazy toddler is a walk around the block. While you stroll point out and name objects and count the things you see for an added bit of fun.

  • 4. Take a swim indoors

    4. Take a swim indoors

    If you live in a part of the country where you aren’t necessarily guaranteed sunny days (even in summer!) like we are then try bringing the fun inside. Take a “swim” indoors in your bath tub. Throw on a swimsuit and add fun new toys to the bath to make it feel a little more special than a typical bath time.

  • 5. Blow bubbles

    5. Blow bubbles

    Bubbles provide endless entertainment for toddlers. Simple and inexpensive fun.

  • 6. Play dress-up

    6. Play dress-up

    Take out some fun accessories – hats, bracelets, etc. – and play dress-up with your little one. My daughter’s current favorite are my necklaces. Please note this is an activity that should be supervised by an adult.

  • 7. Make music

    7. Make music

    If you have real instruments in your home, feel free to play with those, but if not pots, pans and wooden spoons will suffice quite nicely. Toddlers love having a license to be loud.

  • 8. Watch a Disney parade

    8. Watch a Disney parade

    I got this idea from Jen Lula (of Jen Loves Kev)’s Twitter feed. She said her little Rowan LOVES watching Disney parades on YouTube, so we tried it the other day and now my daughter is obsessed. I think she finds it especially entertaining since she’s gotten to see a few in person.

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